Boston area freshman transfer

I’m currently a freshman at a 40-60 ranked flagship state university and while I’m doing well where I am, it isn’t the right fit for me. I applied to schools like northeastern but my high school counselor recommended that I only apply to state school so my parents made me withdraw my applications. I regret doing so and I know that I would be doing better in all aspects, socially and academically, if I went to another school.


  • SAT: 1450 (won’t submit unless required)
  • HS GPA: 3.7; weighted 4.5
  • College Courseload:
  • 1st semester - 19.5 credits, (Calc, Stats, Chem 1, Psychology, College Writing, Seminars)
  • 2nd semester - tbd (15-18)
  • AP Credits: 10 (AP Bio)
  • ECs: lots of employment and at least 250 hours of volunteering
  • Major: Biology Pre-Med

Schools I’m considering: Northeastern, Tufts, Boston University (please suggest more! I want to go to school in the NYC to Boston area)

In terms of money I don’t have an exact range but my plan is to go to my in-state medical school reducing costs for that in the future anyway, meaning I’m willing to spend more now. I’m not happy at my current school and when corona blows over I won’t be allowed to live at my current school unless I transfer.

Thanks for your help guys.

Why do you say “it isn’t the right fit for me”? Is this mostly a matter of prestige? That is what it is sounding like (but I have not read your other threads).

“my plan is to go to my in-state medical school”

This reduces the cost from truly insanely expensive to only horribly expensive.

You should not take on any debt at all for undergrad if you intend to go to medical school if this is at all possible.

“40-60 ranked flagship state university”

Without knowing which university you are at, any public state university ranked in this range has a very good premed program. You are going to find very strong professors and very strong students in many if not all of your premed classes. When you get to premed organic chemistry or any one of multiple other classes at your current school you will be amazed at how difficult the classes are, and how strong some of your fellow students are.

If you are determined not to like your current school, then you will not like your current school.

However, the “prestige” of attending Northeastern, Tufts, or BU (two of which a daughter did get accepted to) is going to do very little (or less) to get you into medical school and is unlikely to be worth the cost unless either you are going to be graduating from medical school with no debt through 8 years of university, or you get very good financial aid from one of these schools.

There is also the problem that some students transfer, and then discover that the grass is not any greener where they just ended up.