Boston College (CSOM) vs Emory (CAS)

Hi everyone! I was accepted as a transfer to Boston College’s CSOM and Emory for their econ program. While I’m aware it is difficult, I intend to transfer to their Goizueta Business School. I’m looking to pursue investment banking (or any other front office finance) right out of undergrad, preferably placed in NYC. Between BC, Goizueta, and CAS at Emory, which would I have the best chance with in terms of placement? Do certain firms target one over another? Is one alumni network better than the other? Do they grade inflate/deflate?

Outside academics, I’m interested in hearing more about the culture between BC and Emory. What’s the social scene like in each? What’s the diversity like (are either cliquey)? Would love to hear any other inputs!

A few key pieces of info that might help:
-originally from Northeast region thus the preference for NYC/Northeast job placement
-BC is not guaranteeing housing after the first year, Emory is
-cost after aid is about the same for both

Hey there! I am not a student at BC, but my brother is a junior in Carroll. He loves Carroll. You do have to do your research on the environment, though. BC is not for everyone. That being said, I think BC objectively is a way better choice for your career interests. Emory is not as well known or revered in the Northeast as BC. Most people when they think of Emory, as I’m sure you know also being from the Northeast, is medicine and biological sciences. Goizueta is great, but I don’t think it’s their staple program. BC’s Carroll is well known and sought after in the business world. My brother landed an internship at Facebook for this summer. That’s about all I can say; it’s probably best to hear from actual students and alumni from these schools to get a good gauge.

For investment banking, I see a hair more Emory grads than BC. TBH, neither is stronger than average among the top schools for IB. They are both great schools, and as you probably know, Emory takes a stronger student academically - but not by much.

If the culture, academics and cost are relatively close, I’d definitely consider the housing situation. Most students live on campus at BC (juniors live off campus that year if they weren’t guaranteed 4 years of housing and then come back on for senior year) and housing in the Boston area isn’t cheap. Gurarnteed housing at Emory will help you integrate into the college culture and community and you won’t have to deal with finding housing after your first year. Also if IB job opportunities are similar from both it might be interesting to spend a few years in a different area of the country since you want to end up working in the northeast ultimately.

Great choices and you can’t make a bad decision between them !