Boston College: EA or RD?

<p>Hello all!</p>

<p>I recently visited Boston College(BC) and I was a bit surprised when I was informed that it was slightly more difficult to be admitted through their Early Action policy than their Reg. Decision, as I didnt think this was really the case anywhere. I was wondering if I should apply EA or RD in this case, as I do not have the highest GPA and am not the MOST competitive student applying. Here are some of my stats:</p>

<p>-94/100 GPA (my school doesn’t do based on 4.0 scale)
-32 ACT (30 Math, 35 Reading, 34 English, 29 Science)
-2080 SAT (650 Math, 690 Reading, 740 Writing)
-Rigorous Classes throughout High School, with 9 APs taken overall, with 4 already tested in (4,4,5,5 in AP Human Geo., Psychology, US History and Language, respectively)<br>
-Many Extracurriculars (School Vice Pres., Pres. of Literary Magazine, Secretary of Poli Sci Club, Member of Spanish Club, Investment Club, Track in 9th/10th grade, Volunteer Tutor/Captain of Technology team at church for several years, Summer Intern through Mercy Med. Center, Volunteer at North Shore LIJ Hospital, National Honors Society Member and more)
-Winner of several writing awards and published author/poet in smaller publication</p>

<p>Any advice is much appreciated, so thank you for your input!</p>

<p>Your stats look terrific but I don’t know what the criteria is for BC off the top of my head. I am worried a bit about alumni and spirit as no one has answered your question, nor my question posted a couple weeks ago. The other college boards are hopping with helpful, involved people and this one is dead.</p>

<p>apply early. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot Rice and I will be sure to check those other ones out, very much appreciated!
bluebayou thanks for the input.</p>

I would probably be worried about alumni and spirit if BC endowment wasn’t one of the HIGHEST in the country. </p>


<p>Regular decision is the way to go!</p>