Boston College Early Decision 2

Just thought I would make this thread to talk with other students who are waiting for their ED II decision and get some more perspectives on this process! So nervous but excited :slight_smile: How are you all feeling?


Any word if ED2 will come before the stated “notification by” date?

It’s possible, ED2 for BC came out around Feb 2nd or 3rd last year! Let’s keep our hopes up…


My DD applied ED2 also

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S just got an email that decisions will be released the week of Feb 1. They’ll let everyone know the exact date of release on Jan 25.

Good luck all!


So nervous! Anyone know how many ED2 applications they received this year?

@STEM2017 Hi , did BC sent message asking for W2 and tax return from you today ?

i got a text message saying that some of my financial aid documents were missing even though it says no required documents… weird, I might call them up on monday

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Hi. No because they already have those docs.

They released an email saying the decisions come out on Feb. 4! Just updating ◡̈


gonna be a long wait…

Just wondering if anyone has an idea of how many ED2 applications they received. I know a lot of schools of a similar level that had to push back the decision release date because they had such an increase in applications and it’s weird that BC was able to actually push the date up (from the 15th). Thanks :slight_smile:

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@letmeinpleaseee “By” Feb 15, not “on” Feb 15. Last year, first year ever, ED2 was released on Feb 5, if I recall.

Usually some stats will become available on the date of decision release.

Expect LOTS of deferrals.

Can you get deferred to RD from ED2? I thought they just reject you or waitlist you because it’s right in the pile with RD applicants

yea, i had the same thought… didn’t know you could be deferred

Do you guys think I’ll be deferred or rejected on ED2 to CSOM? Have 1350 sat, 29 act, 3.55 UW GPA. Im praying I get rejected or deferred, I’ve gotten into UT Austin and IU Kelley which are dreams, deferred on ED from Villanova for reference. Thanks

Is it too late to pull your application?

I’m assuming so since decisions come out Thursday, but I think my application should get deferred/rejected nonetheless for the low stats

yea, probably too late to pull now, decisions could be potentially made