Boston College Freshman Housing

<p>I just got into Boston College under their Early Admissions process and I wanted to start filling out the housing applications just to get my name on the list, but I am having a hard time figuring out which building I would like. I have never visited the campus, and probably won’t until spring break… the floor plans that BC shows on their website are not very helpful. Can anyone tell me about my different options for freshman housing and their personal preference.</p>

<p>Housing for freshmen is pretty easy - all the dorms are essentially the same, you have no choice in what building you live in. Most people live in either doubles, triples, or forced triples. There are two campuses that freshmen live on, Upper (attached to main campus where all your classes are) and Newton, which is about 1.5miles away - you take a shuttle to get there.</p>

<p>I live on Upper and I like it's convenience, but I've heard a lot of people swear on loving Newton. You don't really have a choice in housing for where you live, unless you opt for a forced triple, in which case I'm pretty sure you're guaranteed to live on Upper and get something like $1000 back per semester. Other than that you can apply to be in the Shaw leadership program (I think it's pretty selective and small) and live in the Shaw house on Upper, or if you're in the honors program you can do honors housing which is in Medeiros, on Upper.</p>

<p>I don't think you need to fill out the housing form until May or June, so I wouldn't worry about it yet :)</p>

<p>Also I think you can opt to live on Newton and guarantee that you won't live in a forced triple (a room the size of a double with three people and all of their material possessions crammed into it). I've heard that 40% of freshmen live on Newton, 60% Upper.</p>

<p>I live on Newton and love it. The bus ride can be a little annoying, but after awhile it just becomes natural. Newton is nice because it separates academic life from where you live. There's also a big sense of community on Newton that's nice freshmen year.</p>

<p>In agreement with the above pro-Newton sentiment. Also, Stuart > McElroy. You'll be fine where ever you end up.</p>

<p>Ditto for being a Newton-lover! Great bonding with your fellow frosh Newtonians and good dining hall, since it is shared with the law school grads.</p>

<p>I was accepted EA and I definitely want to live on Newton, my dad lived there and he swears by living on newton as a freshman</p>