Boston college me? pfft

<p>Im a sophomore in h.s. and i really want to goto BC, but i dont think i will make it. What requirements do u think i would need to get in? 9thgrades = 3.6
took chem but got a 68 on chem regents.. now i take ap euro and physics.. help :(! ty</p>

<p>bc is getting more competitive. i was shocked when one of my friends who takes pretty much all honors/ap classes and was ranked 40/400 had like a 1200 or something got rejected early action...i expected at least a deferral. anyways, if you are top 5-10% in your class and get 1350 on your SAT and have an EC or two you can hang your hat on, you have a very good shot</p>

<p>i thought it was like a 1400+/3.8~ requirement school</p>