Boston College or Northeastern University for a transfer admit?

Good evening everyone,

I am looking to transfer from UMass Amherst into either one of the aforementioned schools (have been accepted into both). I am a Political Science major, and it has been difficult to decide between the two schools so far.

While Boston College does seem to have a stronger prestige / academic reputation and an overall stronger Political Science department, I do not think that I would fit in well there. Based off everything that I’ve seen, it seems a bit upscale with a strong emphasis on partying / sports. I’m also not too keen on the idea of being far away from Boston, especially since I spent an entire year in rural Western Mass.

That being said, does anyone have any advice on the Political Science curriculum at Northeastern? Or does anyone know if Political Science majors can land strong co-ops at Northeastern University? I think that this would be a better fit for me socially, but if Northeastern won’t open the door for successful career options in the future, it would be futile to enroll.

Hi! I’m currently heading into my 3rd year at Northeastern as a Criminal Justice and Political Science combined major. I have found the political science classes at Northeastern to be fantastic. The professors have been so nice and supportive, and are full of knowledge. There’s a really wide range of classes to choose from, and you have the option of declaring a concentration. Classes have been very interesting and all the students in my poli sci classes have been engaged and thoughtful. In terms of co-op, political science students can land GREAT co-ops. I accepted my first co-op at a class action law firm in Cambridge, and there are tons of co-op opportunities at law firms. Additionally, students can co-op at the Mass Attorney General’s office, as well as the U.S Attorney General’s office in NYC. There have been co-ops working on political campaigns and at political consulting firms. It might be important to note also that you are not restricted to a co-op in political science even if that is your major. If you see an interesting co-op within international affairs, you are totally able to apply for that! There are also interesting international co-ops for political science majors working (i.e. the UN, NGOs, etc). Also, there are tons of great international experiences for poli sci students, most notably through Dialogues of Civilizations which are short summer study abroad programs! I went on a Dialogue to Jordan and Egypt for 5 weeks studying Middle East Politics and Arabic language. Overall, I would say that the political science classes I’ve taken so far have been wonderful, and Northeastern sounds like it might be the better fit for you in terms of vibe of the campus. It’s located right in the heart of Boston and EVERYTHING is close. It’s been amazing to be in the city while still having a campus.

What are your goals with a political science degree? For many political jobs, your career will largely come down to networking (not the name of the degree) and internships.

The legacy of political leaders and states people from BC is incredibly accomplished. Law, as well.

The partying aspect isn’t anything different than BU except for the closed campus versus diffused city environment.

Both great schools. However BU transfer admissions is known to be a much more approachable than BC. The current crisis may change everything so who knows.