Boston College Spring 2017 transfer

Hi friends, I’m hoping to transfer to BC this spring. Getting nervous/excited about hearing back as my application is just about complete! Anyone else applying to transfer this spring or done so in the past? Advice, sympathy, anything?

@plzacceptme22 what are your stats and current institution?

@Arsenalfan245 did a year at college of Charleston then took a year off to work and discern a call to religious life (as a nun). Now doing service work in LA with a religious organization.
HS GPA: 3.8
College GPA: 4.0
ACT: 30

Hoping my resume of service work and college GPA will get me in bc I want to study theology.

Hi all, I’m also applying for transfer to BC for the Spring. Good luck to you all!

BC is known for stingy financial aid. Does BC have any kind of special loan forgiveness program for those who want to enter religious life?

I would imagine it would be difficult to pay back 100k+ in student loans as a nun…

Anyone know when you generally can expect to hear back? Online says by December 15 but that’s pretty late. Do we hear earlier?

When I applied as a spring transfer last year, I got the email on December 3rd, late afternoon. They said “by Dec. 15th” last year as well

I’m curious as to your stats currentJVeagle. I’m assuming you were admitted. Could you possibly provide your info?

I got in!