Boston college sucks?

<p>Any one been there? How is it? How are the girls ;)?</p>

<p>boston college has a nice campus. good location in nice suburb of boston. kids there are so preppy. academics are decent though, and if you can get into the honors college the academics are quite good. being a presidential scholar there is pretty sweet</p>

<p>yeah BC's minority population is very very small. You need a flick of that collar to fit in b/c it is all preppy white kids. However, the academics are pretty good. I strongly suggest looking at Boston University if you are considering BC. Regionally in Boston they are viewed as being equal and the same goes for nationally. BU is right in Boston with many more students, a mix of very very wealthy to the normal kids and academics are equal to or in some cases surpass BC. I personally like BU alot more go visit and see which one is for you.</p>

<p>i would say regionally in boston bc is seen as a bit better than bu. but the schools are so different... you definitely have to visit, especially if you look at bu because it has virtually no campus and people react very differenly to that. some hate it some love it and you can't really tell until you see it in person. bc has a traditional campus though.</p>

<p>yeah they couldn't be more different and their academics are both well respected nationally. You REALLY have to see which one you prefer or see schools that you have visited with similar charactersitics at BU and BC to see what they might be like.</p>

<p>Wow, boston college has a problem with minorities? I recently applied and it seems they do take minority status seriously.. </p>

<p>I wish i could visit, but i need to goto school on jan. If i get accepted to BC and BU, I will probably choose BC. </p>

<p>Aren't the class sizes in BC smaller then BU? I have been hearing some issues about class size in BU.</p>

<p>Yes class sizes maybe be a bit smaller however, some people lik that being in the middle of it all atmosphere. I most certainly do. BU used to be considered the inferior up untill a few years back but with their new level of selectivitiy and improved programs it is just as good as BC. BC doesn't have a problem getting minority applicants but it does have a problem getting minority matriculants (the one's who go that are accepted). BU offers a fine education as does BC. If you can't get out to Boston I suggest going on the website or asking friends, etc... who might have been to either school.</p>

<p>So their academics are at par with one another? I want to pursue a economics degree. Problem is that both institutions are not known for economics even though they both excel at academics. What I plan to do is go to either school that accepts me, stay there for 2 years then transfer to institution that specializes in economics. I want to work in Wall Street. The word going around is that those who are employers at Wall Street will not look at resumes of people who did not graduate from their "target schools".</p>

<p>What institution will give me the "ups" if i choose to transfer, BC or BU? Im planing to transfer to either duke or an Ivy (Odds of being accepted in the transfer process are slim, therefor I need all the "backup" i can get)</p>

<p>I recently visited BC and BU. BC was very pretty, but very jcrew, all the kids looked alike. BU does in fact have a sort of campus, it's called "the beach", it's a very pretty open area, with grass and tress, right on the Charles River. There are some pretty coblestone streets and brownstone dorms,and the students were diverse and interesting. Definitely different from BC and perhaps a "better" preparation for real life after college. I would recommend it. Also, BU has a very highly regarded business school, they partner with lots of businesses in the area.</p>

<p>potato, what schools would you consider "target schools" for the wall street employers you hope to someday work for? is it only the ivies and institutions of duke's caliber? what about going to BC or BU for undergrad then going to a higher level university for grad school?</p>

<p>yes you would be fine going to BC or BU for undergrad and then going to say an Ivy or Duke level school for graduate school. You will get treated just the same as anybody else who went to Harvard for their undergraduate and then another Ivy for their graduate because bottom line is you both went to Ivy league schools for graduate school and they were both equally good. (Inferring that the schools have a similar reputation for grad school on that one)</p>

<p>the top 20 are the "target schools". At least thats what i was told in this forum and past friends. It could be a bunch of bunk. What do you think? The reason why i didn't apply to thoes so called "elite" schools is mainly because of SAT problems. They seem to put a lot of weight on that "test". GPA is decent (3.5 and above), graduated top 20%, ecs are great, course load is good.</p>

<p>yeah if you are sure you want to go to graduate school then it won't be a problem really where you go to undergraduate as long as it's some place half way decent. For example, if you are going to be a lawyer I suggest going to grad school and same with if you would like to be a top executive at a ery large public company I suggest getting in MBA.</p>

<p>In terms of elite schools you would be better off going to a less so called presitigous school and just doing very well at that school. However, make sure the schools that are less prestigious are still very well respected within the field you are considering because then by excelling at those schools you will have just as many opportunities as someone who went to a more prestigious school. The difference will be that you had less competition.</p>

<p>If you are thining about economics BU and BC are both better then average universities and are very highly respected and looked upon. Excelling at either one and say if you got into BC's honors program or BU's (not sure if they have an honors program) or just plain excelled at those school like you did ery very well then graduate schools will look upon you very favorably just almost the same way they would look at an Ivy graduate who graduated in the very middle or lower end of their respective class.</p>

<p>So either school is fine I like BU more because it is more diverse, allows me to make different contacts, is right in the city as opposed to being a few minutes outside and gets me better prepared for a so called real world experience because of its location and amount of different people.</p>

<p>dunkaroo whats your major? im lookin at BU for finance and i really liked the way the school was set up with all the buildings mixed into the city itself. i thought it was a cool place, what do you think of it so far? how are the teachers, whats the atmosphere like?</p>

<p>Actually I'm done with college. I know alot about Boston University from some family and friends who have gone there and have both had wonderful experiences and I've really been able to witness the transition from an average school to a great one.</p>

<p>It is projected that city schools will become ultra selective within the next 5-1o years. Take for example, USC and NYU they have already reaped the benefits of the city school boom. George Washington and Boston University are not going to be far behind and their time will come when they will catch onto the boom and ride it into a new wave of selectivity as well.</p>