Boston College Transfer 2022

Hi, didn’t see a transfer thread yet.


HS GPA: 3.4 Current College: Westchester Community College Current College GPA: 3.96, I will have an associates degree at the end of the semester. Intended Major: Elementary Education ECs: Phi Theta Kappa member, work 30 hours a week at a preschool, and babysitting since 15 years old.
Hooks: My mother is a Boston College Alumni.

hi there, i have a 3.8 out of nyu:) im so excited to hear back. good luck!!

Hey, what major are you applying for?

Does anyone know what days decisions have come out in the past?

poly sci! wbu

may 6

sorry haha replied to myself, may 6

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Nice! I’m applying as an education major.

Does anyone know if it’s a rolling admission or just one decision day?

I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like everyone heard back on the same day last year based on other threads

Random question: was there ever a withdraw button on the portal? Mine isn’t there anymore and I genuinely can’t remember if it ever was or if I’m mixing it up with another school’s portal

Are we thinking May 6th or the 20th?

In my portal, now it will allow me to upload a letter of continued interest. Does this mean I got waitlisted? I uploaded one and it has waitlisted FAQ now. :frowning:

The same thing happened to me, I’m not sure, I’m also very confused

yikes im gonna go check mine

i dont have that, but that probs means decisions might be coming out friday then

They waitlist for transfers?


Wait don’t upload a letter of continued interest lmao until your decision comes out, that does not meet the waitlist a ton of ppl have that setting.