Boston College Transfer- Help!

<p>I'm a freshman at NYU looking to transfer into Boston College (first choice), Tufts, or Wellesley for CAS. </p>

<p>At this point, i think a realistic G.P.A. that i can expect is something like a 3.7 and my current SAT is a 1350. (should i take it again yes/no?) </p>

<p>The odds don't really look in my favor for Boston COllege
because they accept 260/1126- this is roughly 23%. </p>

<p>I dont know how i stand for Wellesley and Tufts...i feel like i might be aiming to high.... </p>

<p>could someone let me know what i can do or if this is even realistic? </p>

<p>thanks : )</p>

<p>Isn't NYU supposed to be better than those schools?</p>