Boston College, UVA, UNC Chapel Hill

Hello. I’m having so much trouble deciding between these three schools. I have gotten accepted into all of them as a transfer student. I plan to major in English and minor in Journalism and Communications. I’m from NYC so I want to go to a school that is not too rural but not as busy as the city. Cost is a big factor as well. If anyone has any advice or insight it would be greatly appreciated.

If cost is a big factor, can you spell out your financial aid packages from each school?

I haven’t heard anything from UVA or Boston yet. But I just found out today that I received a full ride at UNC so I’m probably going there :slight_smile:

UNC-CH for sure.

I would have leaned toward UNC due to J&C and with the full ride you should go there. Chapel Hill is not as exciting as NYC but it’s a nice place. If BC gives you the same kind of financial package and you really want to be in a large city then it might be a consideration.

Congratulations! Three great choices!