Boston College vs. Santa Clara

<p>I have been accepted to both BC and SCU and do not have a clue on where to go. I plan on visiting both soon but I wanted to hear what some of you think. I'm interested in finance/business/accounting. I know that both schools have good business schools and there are good internship opportunities at both. I love the weather and facilities at SCU but it doesn't have as big of a name as BC. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>Do you have any idea where you'd like to live in the long term? If you plan to stay in California, I don't think name recognition will be an issue at all -- if anything, SCU might be better known there.</p>

<p>SCU is probably better known in its region (Silicon Valley) than BC.</p>

<p>Where do you want to live and work after graduation?</p>

<p>That's the problem, I don't know where I want to live after college, I have lived in the Midwest my whole life. It makes BC more attractive due to the name but SCU seems to be on the rise.</p>

<p>We live in CA, D goes to BC and graduates this Spring. She had no problem getting an internship in the Silicon Valley and a job offer from the same Big 4 firm upon graduation working in San Jose. That is taking nothing away from SCU, however, I'm just saying that attending BC will not adversely affect your opportunities should you decide to work in the Silicon Valley. There are a boatload of BC alums throughout all the Big 4 firms in the S.F. Bay Area. You can not go wrong either way so choose the school that feels right to you.</p>

<p>I'm not sure about BC, but SCU has a really good business program and a really good engineering program. If you're interested in business or engineering, SCU is a really good school, again I don't know much about Boston College except that it's a very good school. I love the warm weather so I like California more, but Boston is supposed to be an awesome atmosphere for college kids, especially if you like sports. I visited Santa Clara and it had a beautiful campus.</p>

<p>Might look at 2 other Catholic schools with great accounting programs-Notre Dame and Holy Cross. Both schools have produced lots of managing partners at CPA firms. Holy Cross has January 15th application deadline and nice campus 1 hour from Boston. HC and ND are both ranked in the top 12 of all universities for highest incomes of their respective alums by this year's CNBC Payscale salary study. Might check out the Holy Cross website-very infornative.</p>

<p>Once you see each of them, you will probably have no problem making a decision. I'm familiar with both schools. The most obvious differences are:</p>

<p>Architecture: Spanish vs. neo-Gothic...I like both but they do have a different vibe.</p>

<p>Weather: Much of school year at BC will be cold, wet, snowy; weather at SCU will be much more mild, but you are aware that the climate in the San Francisco bay area is NOT the same as the fun-in-the-sun climate of Southern California, right? Water is too cold to swim in ocean near Santa Clara.</p>

<p>Sports: BC has bigtime football and hockey.</p>

<p>People: BC has an abundance of students from NY and NJ who can seem a bit aggressive and blunt to the Midwestern palate.</p>

<p>Proximity to big city: Boston is much easier to get to from BC than San Francisco is from Santa Clara.</p>

<p>BC is much more selective 31% accepted versus 58% at Santa Clara. BC much more prestigious.</p>

<p>In my days, I have considered to transfter to BC, so I am a bit biased to BC. As the above poster said, BC is more selective than SCU and as a business major, I think BC is more recruited by national firms. SCU is more of a regional school and there is a lot of SCU presence in Silicon Valley where has the most job growth. I live near the school and work with SCU graudtaes all the time and they are well educated.</p>

<p>For the same money, I'd go to BC, but you may like Ca better than Boston.</p>