Boston College Waitlist 2025

I didn’t see a thread made for class of 2025 waitlisted applicants at BC so I thought I’d make one for discussion!! Good luck everybody!


hello! can someone share more information about the waitlist? how long is the waitlist usually, and how much has BC pulled from the waitlist in the past? im aware it’ll be very different this year (as everything regarding college admissions has been) but i’m still trying to look for a general idea of what it’s been like in past years

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Looking at the thread from last year, quite a few got accepted from the wait list. Of course this varies, but I’m saying it is common for BC.

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Do you know if those who were accepted from the waitlist were notified after or before May 1st?

Based off of last years thread, some were notified in very late April and most were notified mid to late may. I wouldn’t expect anything before may 1st.

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Do you guys think BC may have a lower yield than usual because of all the uncertainty surrounding covid? I’m just really hoping they take a lot off the wait list this year :slight_smile:

In 2019, 6,438 were WListed, 3,451 accepted to stay on the WL and 159 were admitted off the WL and enrolled.


I did the calculation and the RD acceptance rate for this year was 17.6% :frowning:

Could happen…so many kids submitted much larger numbers of applications and each can only go to one school. Hang in there!


does anyone know how they determine who to accept off the waitlist?

They look to fill in the gaps left by those who did not accept their place. This could be a certain major or region or gender or basically anything they are missing.

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Also on the waitlist I’ve heard many schools become need aware…


Somebody said AO is going to call you. Only you show supper interest on the phone without any hesitation (like swearing I am coming during ED round), you will get in.

Will the AO call everyone on the waitlist? And if so do you know when that call would likely be?

No they might call to ask if you’d accept if they offered you a spot. It’s important to keep your phone with you and answer calls. Often they call to assess interest before making an official offer.

But they can also just send an email so check there after as well as your spam or promotions folder.

They often do because their FA coffers are depleted.

My child was admitted off the waitlist last year. Don’t remember the exact date but she got the call a day or two after decision day. When she got the notice that she was waitlisted, she wrote a letter to her admissions counselor detailing her recent accomplishments that would not have been on her application. She also specifically told them that if she is admitted, she will attend. We are not what I would call a high need family but they still met 100% of our need as identified by FAFSA EFC even though she was a waitlist student. If you include the federal loans, they actually met more than 100%. They also surprised me because when they called her, they still gave her a week to decide so we could go over the financials.

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Thank you for the insight! Just curious, was BC your child’s top school or did she also really like the school she committed to before she got off the waitlist?

My daughter loved the school she had committed to so the hard part for her was deciding atmosphere. She did not know what she was going to major in yet so that was not a factor. The other school was in an urban setting, an idea which she loved. It was a fairly difficult week while she was deciding. This mom’s opinion is that she would have been very happy at either school. It’s been a good year for her at BC but I hope next year’s freshman will have it better. When the weather got cold this year, it was fairly isolating because people were not hanging out outside anymore and they got pretty strict about guests in dorm rooms. I think at the other school though she would have had more virtual learning than she had at BC this year. Most of her classes this semester are in person and last semester, it was about half.

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This year has been especially hard on college freshmen as I’m sure it must be more difficult to make friends and get acclimated to the college but I’m glad your daughter still had a good time!