Boston College Waitlist 2025

Yes, I’ll only lose the deposit money if I commit to BC, which I’m sure is the case for anyone who accepts off any waitlist, because I’m pretty sure for most/all schools the deposits are non-refundable.

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First update here for people: Just heard back from my admissions rep, who said there’s no update and we will hear from them in the “coming weeks.”

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I wonder what that means as far as enrollment

I hope it means that they are just deciding who to prioritize on the waitlist, and not that they only have a few-to little spots.

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hopefully that or maybe they’re still accepting (late) deposits from ppl

here w date
oh and they gave me 72 hrs to make a decision (■■■)


Congrats on NYU! Do you think you’d consider it over BC considering that you may not hear from BC in the next 3 days?

Congratulations! It’s a tough decision. Good luck!

You would think that every college would be trying to fill their spots as soon as possible, given that many students have already committed or are being admitted from other waitlists.

shoot meant to post that on nyu thing bc they thought i was trolling loll but yea i will probs choose nyu and withdraw bc. good luck to u guys!


If allow me to guess, are both NYU and BC cost a lot, I mean, in your particular case? Did not see any financial offer in your NYU letter…


Hi! I’m lucky enough that cost is not a huge deciding factor…I kinda knew I wasn’t getting any money.

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I know! It’s a bit frustrating to hear that we will be hearing in the next “coming weeks”. I wish they were a bit more transparent and specific about the waitlist.


Hey everyone! I was just reading through the thread. My AC said the process may take a few weeks and that she would keep me in mind if they go to the waitlist (cause I reiterated my interest in the school after submitting my LOCI). Do you think we lose a few spots in being admitted because of the people that took a gap year because of the pandemic?

yea I think there are a couple of students who were supposed to be Class of 2024 but took a gap year so now they’re in Class of 25. So unfortunately less spots for the waitlist

It looks like transfer decisions are being released tomorrow so hopefully we hear more about the waitlist after that

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Y’all actually get responses from your admissions counselors? Nothing but radio silence for me.

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same, mine never replied to my email either

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I applied ED1 back in like October, and I probably emailed him like 5 times before I finally got a response.