boston to berkshires ... hotel help, please!

<p>planning on spending a couple of days during our boston vacation about two hours west in the berkshires. We want to do white water rafting at zoar outdoors (in charlemont), and I want to do the shakespeare festival in lenox, ma. Any hotel recommendations for the area would be HUGELY appreciated. Doesn't have to be in lenox or charlemont, just driving distance to both. :) It'll be 4 of us (parents, 19 year old and 21 year old). Prefer to rooms so we don't kill each other. Price range is flexible ... but don't want to kill ourselves since we have to do two rooms.</p>

<p>thank you in advance</p>


<p>The Cranwell Resort in Lenox is nice and won't break the bank. If you really want upscale go for Wheatleigh or Blantyre (both places are old estates that have been turned into luxury hotels). H and I go out to Tanglewood every year and we really like a place called Porches. It's in N. Adams, which is a little farther afoot from Lenox/Charlemont. Porches is near MassMOCA--interesting contemporary art museum. Finally, there's The Red Lion Inn, which is in Stockbridge (Lenox is right down the road). We're going to try a new place this year--it's run by the Trustees of Reservations--The Guest House at Field Farm (it's in Williamstown). Looks interesting--it's a 1950s Bauhaus style home that the Trustees have turned into a B&B. Lots of 1950s type furnishings.</p>

<p>Here's a tip - try to avoid driving Boston - Berkshires on weekend days. The two hour trip you're planning can easily turn to 3+ between Friday p.m.and Sunday night.</p>

<p>There's such a wide range of hotels /b&b's etc available - Porches is beautiful but not really convenient for Charlemont and Lenox. Also it's on the expensive side (for me). Most of the places I've stayed in close to Lenox I wouldn't recommend to anyone who's remotely discerning and willing to spend $$$ on I'm not going to bother to name names here.</p>

<p>There are a number of motels on Route 6/20 in Lenox and Pittsfield that are a lot cheaper than Cranwell or Porches, and where your family could stay for a week for the price of one night at Blantyre (which won't let you pay for only one night, by the way). There's a Comfort Inn, a Yankee Inn and a Wagon Wheel in Lenox (but not the cute, toney part of Lenox). They're not charming, but they are clean and decent values if you can get the reservations you want (which may already be gone).</p>

<p>Lenox is in the middle of Berkshire County, and is pretty convenient for everything. It's also where Tanglewood is; you should try to get lawn tickets there one evening. It's nicer than any other shed I've seen, and the grounds are wonderful. My family also loves MassMOCA.</p>

<p>The Wheatleigh is beautiful, with great food and probably the best service I've ever experienced in a hotel setting but it's very expensive and not what I'd consider a place for a family vacation. It's a couples kind of place. :)</p>

<p>Whatever hotel you decide on, make reservations ASAP because that is such a popular summer destination and between Williamstown Theatre Festival and Tanglewood, hotel rooms are not always easy to come by on short notice. Speaking of Williamstown, the Williams Inn is a decent place to stay, with nice rooms and a good restaurant. I'd rather stay in Williamstown than Lenox, if it's just for a couple of days. It's a beautiful town with great theatre, a wonderful art museum, some nice restaurants and cute shops.</p>

<p>Red Lion Inn is very lovely and very Norman Rockwell in Stockbridge.</p>

<p>Please note that any place close to Lenox will require a three night minimum stay on summer weekends.</p>

<p>We did the Zoar rafting trip two years ago and of course I was the one who ended up in the water...</p>

<p>thanks folks!! I knew I could count on CC. Will be checking out all these ideas. :)</p>


<p>Looks like the Willliams Inn is about $180 to $200 a night for a double. That would be pretty convenient to both places. It's about 30 to 45 minutes to Tanglewood, about the same to the Zoar Rafting load in point in Charlemont -- at least with no traffic. - maybe an hour.</p>

<p>The first time I saw the flotilla of Zoar rafters on the river near Hoosac Tunnel, I was shocked. I rented a house on that river during college and there was nothing like that back in the day.</p>

<p>Try are a number of homes you can rent where you can all have your own bedrooms and the price will be negotiable. Also, you have the oppty to eat breakfast at home (take a trip to Guidos for wonderful eats) and have some outside privacy.</p>