Boston to Ocean City, MD - best mode of transportation?

<p>One of D1's good friends will be flying out to visit her in Boston at the end of June/beginning of July for a long weekend. When friend is done there, she has to get to Ocean City, MD, for a family reunion, then back to Chicago. She is only 23, so rental car is last option (due to the increased insurance costs). </p>

<p>So how would you advise your 23-yr old to get to Ocean City, MD on her own? She is open to anything that combines flying/Amtrak, etc., but her last preferences are Greyhound and renting a car. She'd prefer to be cost conscious in her journey (newly employeed and watching her budget). </p>

<p>I think her return trip will be easier as other family members will already be in Ocean City and she can easily get a ride back to the airport to return to Chicago. It's the Boston to Ocean City leg that is a challenge.</p>

<p>Take Amtrak to BWI and then take the Bayrunner shuttle to to OC. Can also look at Shore</a> Transit > Home for other transportation options. Or can take the Grayhound from Baltimore or other point that is closer to OC after taking Amtrac or the China Town bus to get as close to a Grayhound station that connects to OC that is possible. That would be Wilmingon, Philly or Baltimore,. Also check out dart</a> first bus schedule hiring at for connections from Delaware. Also check flights to Salisbury MD. Sometimes you can get a really good deal through Priceline. We have beaten train/bus (other than the Fung Wa ) prices at times with special flight deals.</p>

<p>A one way rental, if she can get one at her age, can also be a reasonable option.</p>

<p>She can fly into the Salisbury/Ocean City Airport. She'll need a car from the airport to Ocean City, about 45 minutes. Its a nice little airport, US airway flights only.</p>

<p>Southwest Airlines from Boston or Manchester or Providence to BWI (Baltimore) and then a bus from Baltimore to Ocean City. That's probably one of the cheaper options.</p>

<p>my son just took the Acela from NYC to BWI. Cost him $150. Then took the Bayrunner shuttle which met him at the train station at BWI and dropped him off at the Hyatt in Cambridge MD for $60. The shuttle continues on to OC making stops in Salisbury and Ocean Pines as well as OC. Easier than getting a bus form BWI to OC, I think. Grayhound doesn't go out of BWI and the car services and taxi costs are prohibitive.</p>

<p>Wow! The Acela is expensive. D just took it for the first time last week from Boston to NYC, but work was paying for it.</p>

<p>cptofthehouse - why the Hyatt in Cambridge, MD? Are you saying you have to transfer shuttles? Is there no direct shuttle from BWI to OC?</p>

<p>Regarding flights, she's fairly limited to Logan in Boston since D does not have a car.</p>

<p>No, Bayrunner goes from BWI to OC stopping at the Hyatt in Cambridge, Salisbury, Ocean Pines and OC. May make other stops as well depending on who is on the shuttle. It took less than an hour and a half for him to get to Cambridge from BWI. Took the 12:30 PM shuttle and got to the Hyatt before 2PM. The Acela left Penn Station at 10AM. Only about $20 more than the regular train. I thought that was pretty good. </p>

<p>Look at the Acela schedule and fares. The earler Acela that would have gotten him to BWI an hour earlier was a lot more expensive because it was during Peak hours. But the shuttle leaves every 2 hours from BWI so he would not have gotten to Cambridge Hyatt any sooner. The shuttle is flexible. Has a hotline you can call when you arrive so that they will meet you at whereever you need it within the BWI area and gives you 15 minutes grace depending on the load. </p>

<p>He was going to Cambridge, MD where my MIL's home is, not to OC. but that would have been the optimal way for him to get to OC. Really nearly as fast as driving. Can't beat less than 2 and a half hours to BWI. With allowance time needed for flights, he wouldn't have done better flying. And the price is very good considering how close he could get to where he wanted to go. The same with OC. Grayhound is the other alternative but the ride is not pleasant, nor is the stop for Cambridge. Hyatt is much more upscale, believe me.</p>

<p>OK... so you're saying once she gets to BWI, she can get on the Bayrunner shuttle and not get off until she gets to OC (even though it has stops along the way)? Any idea how long that takes?</p>

<p>So if she were to fly into Salisbury, she could pick up the Bayrunner shuttle, there, too, to OC? But I don't think that flight would be worth it unless it's a direct flight from Boston. Add a stop somewhere, and you're traveling all day.</p>

<p>Look at their website for the schedules. It takes less than 2 hours, I know to get from BWI to Cambridge. If she were to fly to Salisbury, she might have less expensive options like shore transit. Also cabs or other shuttles less expensive than Bayrunner may exist. Google Salisbury Airport to OC for options. I don't know if Bayrunner stops at Salisbury airport or elsewhere in Salisbury, though airport sounds reasonable given it is on the way. Salisbury is only a half hour from OC. Cambridge is more than an hour from BWI, close to an hour and a half--90 miles or so, I believe. So there are more options from Salisbury. I believe flights from Salisbury used to only go to Philly or BWI. Maybe that has changed.</p>

<p>Just talked to son who is now in Cambridge. He confirmed that Salisbury only directly serves Philly or BWI. Takes at least 4 hours flight time with a transfer from Logan in Boston to Salisbury he says, but you can get a ticket for about $130--look on for the deals. Then you can get from Salisbury to OC for $50, maybe less. That is the quickest and cheapest way if you can get a decent ticket and if getting to the airport is not a hassle. </p>

<p>Since we live 5 minutes from the train station, taking the train into NYC and then the Acela to BWI and then the shuttle was the easiest for us all around, though a flight from LGA to Philly to Salisbury would have cost about the same as the Acela ticket. Given the lead time needed to take a flight, it would have been about the same amount of time, but it would have also entailed a ride to the airport, paying toll both ways, time taking him to the airport and then getting back home myself. So we took the route we did. But it is entirely possible to do for about $200 from Boston without renting a car. It is a long haul no matter how you do it. And Salisbury/Wicomico Airport is the airport serving OC so you are not going to get a whole lot closer to OC by air without going private plane.</p>

<p>No need to spend extra for the Acela--I believe all the Amtrak trains stop at BWI.</p>

<p>MommaJ - But I think the Acela is quicker. The girl is trying not to lose a whole day traveling, without it costing an arm and a leg.</p>

<p>boston to BWI is a LONG time on the train. I would think about flying. NYC-BWI is much more reasonable on the train. All trains also stop in NYC for ~30 minutes, so you have to add that into the time. The Acela BOS-BWI is going to run you ~$200, you can definitely get a flight for less than that. I know southwest flies logan-bwi.</p>

<p>It's obvious- fly Boston to Baltimore. 3 low-fare airlines are in a fare war now on that route: Airtran, Southwest, Jetblue. I just looked on you could fly for $50 if you are flexible on day/time.</p>

<p>The Acela is really fast. Only 2 and half hours from NYC to BWI for my son. But, you know, the more I think about it, going to Salisbury probably makes it easiest. That really is the airport for OC and you can just take a cab to OC from there. Having to take two flights is something we all have to do to get to my son's college since there are no directs to there from NYC area airports. And it's easier and cheaper to take the shuttle flight from Denver to his college than to transfer to a bus or other ground transportation.</p>

<p>In fact, when H went to Denver a while ago, it was cheaper to go there as a stop on the way to Colorado Springs than to have it be the end point. We got one way tickets so that they wouldn't cancel his return segment for getting off in Denver and not continuing to CS. Saved about $75, doing that. Ridiculous but that is how the market is.</p>

<p>teriwtt, the Acela costs approx. $100 more to save a little over an hour--that IS an arm and a leg in my anatomy book!</p>

<p>Yes, NYC to BWI is 2.5 hours, but NYC to Boston is close to 4 (and reaches 4 if you include the stopover in NY time). That is 6.5 hours, vs a 1 hour flight, for less money.</p>

<p>Depends on the Acela. My son just took it from NYC on Monday and it was only $20 more. He could have done it for the same price flying into Salisbury. Ironically, Laguardia to Salisbury was cheaper than Laguardia to BWI, and Salisbury puts you within a half hour from OC with cab, shuttle and buses available for reasonable rates. But it takes 4 hours to get to Salisbury from Laguardia because you gotta change planes at BWI or Philly to get there. If son could have gotten a flight that stopped at BWI, then transferred to Salisbury, he would have likely taken it, ditched the Salisbury portion of the flight and then taken the shuttle to Cambridge, MD, but with the timing he needed, the only reasonably priced flights went through Philly to go to Salisbury. It was also a heck of a lot easier for me to take him to our train station which is 5 minutes away instead of taking him to Laguardia in rush hour traffic. He would have also had to have had at least an hour margin for the flight which would have added another hour to the 4 hour mark. This way, he just took the train to NYC, transferred to the ACELA and was in Cambridge proper before 2 PM that day. No way he could have done better, even driving. Total cost was less than $200, and my involvement was minimal.</p>