Boston U or Penn State honors?

<p>I'm going to major in journalism, and I can't decide between Boston U and Penn State honors...any help would be appreciated.
By the way, finacials: BU - after scholarship it's about 29,000 a year...Penn State - after scholarship it's about 16,500 a year
I like BU and the city more, but I dont know if it's worth it.
Please help!</p>

<p>Talk to your parents and be totally honest about you feelings of BU and then go with your gut instinct on which school you should go to. </p>

<p>I myself chose money over the school and went to one of my safeties instead of my reaches and I'm very happy right now. It's just such a lift off my shoulders knowing that i'm not spending so much money or getting into so much debt, especially when I want to buy something or invest in something expensive such as Lsat prep.</p>

<p>by "Penn State honors", do you mean the Shreyers College? The Shreyers College is a fabulous school, one of the best honors programs in the country.</p>

<p>BU is better but you don't want to stuck with loans. Are you going to grad school? Talk to your parents about the issue and see if the debt is worth it.</p>

<p>How is Penn State's journalism program? I didn't even know they had one.
Boston's COM school is very highly regarded. </p>

BU receives five top honors among 12 awards from the Society of Professional Journalists
(Boston) – Boston University’s College of Communication (COM) swept all honors in three categories and won a total of five first-place and 12 overall Mark of Excellence Northeast Region Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. Boston University placed second among the 27 schools receiving awards at recent ceremonies in Stamford, Conn. The five first-place winners will now go on to compete with the corresponding winners in the society’s ten other regions for the national awards presentation in May.</p>

<p>The link is here:</p>

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<p>At Schreyer you will have a better overall education than at BU, a more prestigious diploma, plus you are paying less. If I were in your shoes, I would definetely pick Schreyer over BU.</p>

<p>PSU Honors is incredibly selective so congrats. It is an outstanding academic experience. One thing to consider though is that at BU about 10% of the student body are in Honors plus there is another group of students in the Univ. Professors Program or 7 yr BA/MD program. Where as at Penn State I think it is less than 2% of the population that are in the Hon. Program.</p>

<p>You may want to take that into consideration in terms of social life and number of Honors classes, students, staff. Our S chose BU Honors and is very happy. There isn't a huge difference there among the students whereas the PSU Honors students tend to stay among themselves and its a small group. Just something to consider. The campuses are both wonderful so it may be a matter of preferance if you are eager to try living out of state or in an urban setting than you may be happier at BU. The BU Comm school has incredible internship opportunities. Due to PSU's location I am not sure what they can offer in that regard. The good news is that both will offer an incredible learning experience. Go where you think you will be happiest.</p>