Boston U


<p>Hi, I am a senior who is planning on applying to Boston Univ Early Decison. I just got my SAT I scores a few minutes ago, and they are horrible. V: 650 M: 650. Do you think my extracurriculars will offset those scores?</p>

<p>Senior Classes:
AP Calculus
AP Physics
AP Biology
AP English
World History
Student Government
US History
Gifted Mentorship</p>

<p>Other Gifted/AP classes:
Great Books (Gifted)
AP Environmental Science</p>

-Governor's Advisory Council (a cabinet made up of 20 people for the Governor of NM)
-Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership
-Key Club President
-Senior Class Secretary
-Intern at Emergency Room (10+ hrs a week)
-Intern at UNM-H Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (largest in state)
-House of Representatives
-Girl's book group
-Piano (state champion gr:9-11)
-English Expo (state champion 9-11)
-Youth and Government
-National Honor Society
-Spanish Honor Society
-Founder of Community Service Project
-LOTs of community service...</p>

<p>Rank: 13/500
GPA: 4.275</p>

<p>What do you guys think? Do I still have a chance?-</p>

<p>I think that your gpa and class rank, you should not sweat too much about getting into BU with a 1300 sat. I would think that BU can still be safely considered a match.</p>

<p>P.S. 1300 is not horrible. Relax.</p>

<p>Also, why did you need to make two posts that say exactly the same thing?</p>

<p>I'd try for a school that is next rank above BU. Ambition is more important than grades and SAT's</p>

<p>BU average SAT scores are like 1290 I think. Your right there in the middle. But one thing to consider is that BU acceptance rate has been lower for ED than if you were to apply RD</p>

<p>You may be in the middle for your SAT, but your other stats are well above average for BU. If BU is your dream school, I think that you will have that as an option.</p>

<p>S is applying ED to BU also. There has been some misinformation published about the ED acceptance rate. Princeton Review's 2004 "351 Best Colleges" shows 47%. Of 27,000 applicants, only 400 were ED. I think you'll be accepted, probably to the Honors College. S is hoping for merit scholarship. And hey, 1300 is damn good! 5 APs is nothing to sneeze at. BU wants to see a rigorous courseload. Have you visited the school?</p>

<p>BU is very good for many things. Notably communications and their business program is also well recognized. They have other schools such as Bentley, Northeastern and Babson for the competition. With competition comes the drive to beat out the competition. I think BU is rising fast and their new facilities will make them even more selective in the years to come!</p>

<p>I'm planning on double majoring in English and Biology...I hope to go to either law or medical school--or maybe a combination of both (like a lawyer for a hospital...) Does anybody know if Boston automatically considers students for the Honors College? or is there a special form? Any response would be greatly appreciated! </p>

<p>ps. I decided to do early action instead...I didn't want to be binded and have to make a decision in December.</p>

<p>Might also want to look at Holy Cross-1hour from Boston but HC has a better reputation especially in pre-med.</p>