Boston Univeristy Supp. essay, Saying hi to my roomate

<p>I took a more informal approach to the essay if that's okay</p>

<p>Prompt: It is three weeks before the start of your freshman year at BU, and you are talking to your new roommate for the first time. Since you are trying to get to know each other, what are a few things you would want to share about who you are?</p>

<p>Hello Roomy,<br>
I thought you might want to who your new roommate is. Here’s a glimpse, I love music genres of all sorts raging from dubstep and soft rock to jazz and soul, though I do have to say that hip-hop is my favorite. It’s like a smorgasbord of every other genre; it takes bit and pieces and molds itself into to the ultimate potpourri of sound. For example: I decided to take my love for music one step and further and took music production (or beat making as the slang word for it) as a hobby. Though it’s a long road before I’m anywhere near as good as the artists I listen to, I plan to work on that as time progresses. Apart from music, I love a good action and adventure movie, the thrill I get always hypes my up and puts me in a fantasy induced state making me think that I am actually taking part in the movie. I also love exploring new places so maybe before we start classes we can head out a few days earlier and move around the city and if you’re new to Boston don’t worry I am a native, so I’ll guide make sure you’ll never get lost. One thing I love about Boston it’s the food. It’s simply exquisite, though others might say otherwise. Hey if they do I don’t blame them, because I’ll eat anything. That’s enough about what I like here some factual information about me. I am somewhat tall my height is around five feet and eleven inches and I weigh around one hundred and seventy pounds which makes me a really lean looking person, that’s why if you can’t find me in the dorm or in the library I am probably in the gym trying to bulk up and gain some muscle or maybe practicing parkour since that happens to be one of my favorite pastimes even though I don’t happen to be that athletic I still try to strive and maintain my health through weekly exercises. I’m not that social either in fact if anything I’ll say I’m a huge introvert, but that’s only due to the fact I like keep a small circle of friends. Although I will go to a few parties from time to time just get out of my regular atmosphere. So I’m pretty chill person, though people say I am very nonchalant I just like to think of it as not getting hyper active about everything that goes wrong or that doesn’t go your way. Well that’s all about me, guess I’ll be seeing you all the time for now on.<br>
Your roommate,
Clinton A.</p>