Boston University Fall 2021 Transfer

Hi everyone! I haven’t seen one of these for BU yet, so I decided to create one! How is everyone doing with their applications?


Just submitted my application. I have one question tho. So, for need based aid which year tax return i might be asked to submit? 2020 or 2019?

hey! glad i found this. i just turned in my app yesterday

how are you guys asking for college reports? not sure what to do since i’m completely online at the moment

Are you able to email an administrator at your school to fill it out and then have them mail it? You can fill out your part of it and then scan it to the administrator.

Download the form from bu website & then send that to your College register office & tell them send the report to Make sure the email address is right

Yeah I got it! Thanks for the help guys

hey good thing i found this lol, i just got my portal today and working on submitting docs & syllabi

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this chat is mad dead compared to last year fall 2020 transfers lol

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I know! Hopefully more people find it…the deadline is soon.

Has anyone else not gotten their portal yet? I applied 2 weeks ago and haven’t received an email or anything.

i havent even submitted my app yet lol

I got access to my portal 4 days after my submission. I would check that your application went through. If it did and you’re concerned, reach out to admissions, their very quick to respond.

when they say syllabi, what are they looking for?

They want the syllabi from your courses.

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yeah, if there are credits you want to transfer over, you send in the syllabi from your courses. Profs give them at the beginning of the semester.

some of my classes I took my sophmore year of high school. I dont have access to them anymore what should I do?

Contact the college you took the course(s) at. The registrar or chair of the department keeps these syllabi on hand, even if it’s been a few years.

Hi guys! I just finished submitting all my application materials and I’m very nervous haha. Is there any way someone could “chance me”?
Applying for CFA
Currently attending a local private university
Could ever at sophomore / junior level depending on credits
HS GPA 3.4
College GPA (after 3 semesters): 4.0
No SAT sent
Essays: probably around an 8/10
Letter of Rec: 8.5/10 - written by advisor / chairman of my current major
Strong Art Portfolio (reviewed by admissions already)
Good Interview
Legacy Status (I was told this doesn’t matter in the end lol)

Thank you guys in advance!

does BU not accept dual credit? i was gonna submit my dual credit syllabi from high school but it said that they want you to send along a form with it confirming that you didn’t get high school credit for those courses:/