Boston University Fall 2021 Transfer

Yah you really have to run after them to get things done… good luck!

you’re not being sensitive at all, it’s completely understandable to be nervous about your decision! I am too

how many times did you call them before? I’ve called them quite a few times about documents and I’m worried that I’m annoying them way too much lol

Health Science

I emailed them a few times in a row everyday until they answered lol they got annoyed but at least I got their attention

I’m honestly gonna start bugging them a bit bc they’re the only school I’m waiting on now lol

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I haven’t heard back from Questrom yet :/. I’m starting to think that I got rejected again.

I’m with you guys, it’s definitely been a crazy wait, but if you think about it we’re only about half way. They started releasing stuff mid-April and it’s only the beginning of May. My point is, have hope guys! We’ll get through this. They are still accepting people down to about June, according to last year. People I personally know got accepted pretty late as well! There’s really no pattern when it comes to their decision, so I would say it’s not over until it’s over! <3


Has anyone applied to Boston college any idea when they plan to release decisions?

I did and I think they will start releasing decision by the end of this week. Next week at the latest.

I know this isn’t the thread for it but has anyone done Northeastern too? Has anyone gotten an acceptance there yet? I got a guaranteed transfer last year so I’m just waiting for an official decision!

No decisions yet for Northeastern.

Hey guys! I transferred to BU last semester but have been living off campus so I don’t really know anyone! If anyone is looking for a roommate on or off campus (I have a roommate who would potentially be living with us as well) please reach out! So far I have been assigned a dorm in sleeper but I heard it is a freshman dorm so I don’t really know if I want to live there in the fall. My insta is @camila.dbg

Did you get rejection before? I was rejected last year RD. So frightened to be rejected again :frowning:

No I got in freshman year but I couldn’t tour so I chose Villanova:( I’m sure it will all go well though! Decisions just take a bit to come out. My roommate is applying to transfer as well and her decision hasn’t come in yet either.

Was anyone who got rejection before admitted this time?

My 2 friends actually were both admitted as transfers and were rejected as freshman. Hope this eases your worrying!

Does anyone know if there has been a big wave at all since the first week? I feel like it’s all been so slow and steady

Thanks for sharing! I was rejected last year, but this time I still heard nothing back. :frowning:

Yeah I agree. I think they didn’t release offers these days. Honestly I don’t know… but… it just makes me feel like it has been a long time since a big wave last time…