Boston University for I-banking?

Does anybody know if BU is a target school?
Can people get into NY IB from Boston?

Hey man. I’m also a potential BU student who is hoping to get into Investment Banking.

For your first question, is BU a TARGET school? No. A target school is where Banks recruit heavily from and have an on-campus presence. For example, a big bank might send representatives to campus often to take resumes directly and conduct interviews. In that respect, banks don’t have a huge presence on campus.

However is BU a good feeder into Investment Banking? Yes. The Questrom Business School has completely revamped and has a great presence in Investment Banking, especially in New York. Their finance club apparently offers resume drops into top tier banks from what I have heard.

I have a network of contacts in the industry at companies such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and many other banks as well as several in middle-market private equity funds. I’ve reached out to them and they all say that BU is a solid school for Investment Banking. Apparently, many of them enter top firms and have great exit opportunities into Private Equity and Hedge Funds if they wish.

If you haven’t been admitted into Questrom, it might not be as good of a situation.

While BU isn’t a target school, with a good amount of work and focus, you will be able to get a top Investment Banking Job in New York if you wish. For me, I am still on the fence for BU because it’ll require a significant amount of student debt.

BU is a non target, and it will be difficult to get into BB and boutiques. There will be a couple BU alumni on Wall Street, but in terms of recruitment and presence, banks won’t actively seek out BU. Go on LinkedIn and see where past BU graduates are working

@Dontskipthemoose think you are wrong on that. If you look at Linkedin, 183 people at GS, 307 at JP, 310 at MS, 100 at ML… Need I say more