Boston University or Northeastern for Computer Science

I'm considering applying to only one of the two since they are basically on the same level as far as academics is concerned. My question is: which has a better Computer Science program that will offer better opportunities? Thanks!</p>

<p>Well, I don't expect you'll receive life changing answers here. Check these sites out for starters.
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<p>remove the "-" between prow and ler. Apparently CC won't let me spell it out normally.
Also check out
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<p>They're in the same city, which is interesting. And I'd really doubt you'll have a better computer science education at one of these universities--you just can't go wrong. Personally I'd go with whichever campus is better aesthetically, greek-life, culture, the people, and the hotness of the sex you're interested in (I'm serious...). </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>this has been asked 10 billion times (BU vs. Northeastern).</p>

<p>And my answer is always Northeastern because of the co-op program especially for someone majoring in computer science.</p>

<p>lovinglife<3, why don't you consider the "better" counterparts of these universities? Boston College and Northwestern?</p>

<p>TheSaiyans666 - You know what, you're absoluetely right! There are other aspects I should look into in addition to the academics. So in your opinion, which campus would have hotter guys!? lol But in all seriousness, I guess they're mostly similar. I did find it interesting how CollegePr*wler ranks Northeastern as hard to get into and Boston University as Average. Well Boston College has a weaker computer science program. But I never looked into Northwestern so thanks for the suggestion! </p>

<p>@pierre0913 - What exactly are the advantages of the co-op program in your opinion? I saw that on the website but it was pretty confusing.</p>

<p>Hahaha I'm a straight boy. I would really have no idea which campus has hotter guys lol. Why don't you visit?</p>

<p>well basically the co-op program alternates between work and school so you get a total of about 1-1.5 years of work experience. If you do a good job, most often the place you work at may give you a job offer after you graduate. Also even if you don't get a job offer, you'll have 1-1.5 years of work experience on your job resume which gives you an edge over other students who don't have that work experience.</p>

<p>Besides, it's good to see what you're gonna do during college with your major after college so you can make sure you picked the right major.</p>

<p>@TheSaiyans666 - Haha, that's okay. Well I've "visited" both campusus many times since I live nearby, but they're both pretty much the same! Do you go to MIT? That's actually my first choice. Getting accepted however is a much different story! </p>

<p>@pierre0913 - Thanks for clearing that up! You're right, that's a great advantage. I would definitely participate in that. </p>

<p>I think I'm leaning more towards Northeastern now. :)</p>