Boston University or Parsons for Graphic Design/Comm Design

My daughter is graduating early from HS and is applying for Spring 2021 admissions to BU- graphic design and Parsons- Comm Design. While covid-19 has created plenty of its own challenges, applying as a new student in the spring has us feeling like we are in no man’s land! I realize that because these are unusual times there isn’t any hard data on Covid and Spring adm, but I am hoping there are some parents out there who can share their experiences or predictions. While she has visited both cities, she has not been able to visit either campus, but is ready to get started and willing to take a leap of faith.

Any thoughts on if applying as a New Student for Spring Admissions to BU and Parsons will make admissions easier or more difficult in the current situation?

Any opinions on how the current conditions might affect merit offers? Both are expensive schools and we are going to need some

Specific to BU-Graphic Design:
From what I am reading, the School of Vis Arts at BU puts the more emphasis on the portfolio, rather than the SAT scores. Has anyone found this to be true?

Does anyone have any info on Merit Aid offers for GD students at BU?

Are there any parents with students in the GD program that could offer some feedback on the program and their students experience?

There aren’t many Design programs that accept students in the spring so we are going into this knowing that she may have to apply to her longer list for the Fall if we can’t get the cost within an affordable range. She really likes both programs and has had great experiences with both schools over the phone, in emails.

Thanks in advance!