Boston University Regular Decision 2025: Discussion & Decisions

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True dat. Huskies off the schneid and rolling!

@TomSrOfBoston I received no merit scholarships from BU, is it possible to have my merit-scholarship decisions reconsidered?

Virtually no chance of a merit aid appeal succeeding.

My son (from TN) was accepted to both NU In and BU CGS (demonstrated great interest in the NU In program, but was disappointed in being assigned to BU CGS). No merit aid. We don’t qualify for need based aid. The no merit aid will likely steer him elsewhere, as he might pursue medical school. While we can pay for it, I am not convinced the full tuition is a good financial decision. I believe he can pursue a graduate program or medical school with less debt from a state school or his private school choices that gave more merit aid. We are at least considering Northeastern and Miami, however. We encouraged him to cast a wide net. The merit aid didn’t work out at the more prestigious schools on his list, but it was worth a shot. He was excited to be admitted, and I can see how competitive it was.
He was also accepted to the University of Miami with no merit aid, and I have noticed several comments on a U Miami thread of kids who applied to both Northeastern and the University of Miami with varying results. We at least can go visit Miami’s campus, but we can’t visit the Boston campuses.

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BU figured you are using them as safety school and I can safely assumed you child have applied to Ivies and waiting. If BU has a special major then you should of applied ED1 and likely you would of received financial aid. It is unfair to expect BU to hold a spot for your child while you really wanted to go Ivies.

Thanks for your commons and thoughts. In fact, my child did NOT apply ANY Ivies because BU has a strong program for the particular major he wants to study. Seriously, HE DID NOT APPLY ANY IVIES as they don’t have that program.

Because we have a special financial situation, Child’s HS school counselor told us not to ED any school as we need to see financial package first before making a commitment.


My son seems to like Boston. Would you recommend BU, BC, or NU ?

Sort answer: yes. Without knowing more about your son it is impossible to recommend one over the other. Those schools offer different environments.

So waitlisted here… if you know that you’re going somewhere else, please please please please don’t forget to withdraw so those of us on the WL don’t have to wait for the 5/1 commit deadline to pass for the system to open up some spots. please.


My son got admission from BU and NU, and we are still sitting on the fence. We know both school are great schools, and we once lived in Boston so we know the campuses. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could comment on the following specific case: His applied for Mathematics major and got admission as such. Now he wants to do Math-CS double major. I am wondering how common & easy such transition is at BU, and how BU’s CS department is. BU’s CS is a bit uncommon that it is in CAS not in their own school. Thank you in advance.

Shouldn’t be big deal to do Math-CS since both under same CAS at BU. They were also in plans to start a data science division with combination of CS, Statistics and something else, with a separate building of it’s own. Probably came to a halt because of the pandemic. Guess NU also has a data science program. Did you receive any price breaks at either of them?

Thank you rk2017! We got some scholarship + need grant (roughly half of tuition) from NU but not from BU. NU gave admission through NU-in while BU gave standard admission. All those matter, but I did not write those info because I wanted to learn about program first. Thank you for the information on DS major. Son loves mathematics, but he hates statistics (HS statistics is taught in a weird way imo. They do not prove any key formula. He said class feels like social science), and thus he believes he will hate DS. I believe he will change his mind when he sees the real statistics and DS at college :slight_smile:

Yes, some subjects can be very boating the way taught at school or college. My C loved Psychology taught at their high school and enrolled in social psychology in 1st semester at BU and hated it. Who knows the same subject taught by a different Prof or another theme within Psychology may have been far more interesting?

I think both the schools are comparable with BU having an edge because it is an older school with a better brand recognition world wide. But finances also may be an important factor for you to weigh in.

Yes, generally things get pretty interesting once people see the application part of it. Now a days statistics is all over the place whether in google search engine, big data or health care in different shapes and forms.


Thank you rk2017 again for your time. Much appreciated and well noted!

The good thing about DS in Khoury at NEU is that CS and DS share the same classes in the beginning. You can figure out later which way you want to go by taking a class or doing a coop to see if it’s for you. My teen is still unsure and that’s why NU is very appealing. They can figure it out for themselves and don’t need to decide now.

I created a post last week about CS and DS at NEU and there were some really helpful replies there.

Wow this is priceless! My C is not much of a techie either, and that is why he originally wanted to major in Math. Now he wants to double major because he thinks applied math has wider opportunities compared to pure math. After reading your link, I feel that perhaps DS is what he needs to consider. I did not know your C is also an incoming freshman btw. Perhaps they will get along well :slight_smile:

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                                                Fall Semester	Spring Semester	Total
  • Boston University GrantHelp 6,925 + 6,925 = 13,850

How is grant different from a scholarship? Also how would I know that if this is per year or only 1st year?

In general a grant is need based aid while a scholarship is merit based aid. The wording in your award letter should indicate if it is annual.

My daughter withdrew from Questrom today!