Boston University Regular Decision 2025: Discussion & Decisions

A thread for Boston University RD applicants. Feel free to ask questions and post your stats :slight_smile:
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OOS applicant
GPA: UW 4.0 W 4.7
SAT: 1550 Math Subject II: 800
AP: Physics 1, Physics 2, English Lang, Calc AB - all 5’s
Major: Engineering
EC’s: Varsity Tennis, Mathnasium Tutor 3 Years

Does anyone know decision date?

I believe late March / early April

March 27


Anyone else here deferred from ED1?

Yeppp. Does anyone know how many people were rejected from ED1?

This article from BU may interest you:
BU Sees Surge in Applicants despite Pandemic | BU Today | Boston University
A record 75,559 total applications, 40% of freshman class selected in ED 1.


I’m not sure if this is a stupid question or not, but I have no idea where to ask. Is there any way to switch from regular decision to ED2? I am assuming no since the deadlines already passed, but I figured I would just make sure.

Email them ASAP to ask

did you ask them? if so, what did they say?

Hey guys, does anyone know when RD notifications usually come out?

Third week in March.

I was deferred ED1 and on my portal, it says the notification date is March 27, 2021


I sent in an extended resume yesterday because I decided I didn’t think my activity section was clear enough at all, any chance it’ll be considered or is it too late?

Chance me for BU!
No ACT or SAT scores (test-optional)
GPA: 3.82UW , 4.24W
Rank: 4/46
APS: AP World History, AP Physics 1, APUSH, AP Lang, AP Chem, AP US Gov, AP Calc AB, AP Spanish Lit, and AP Computer Science Principles


  • Worked as a waiter
  • Attended the ACLU Summer Advocacy Institute with a full scholarship
  • Oklahoma State Senate Page Program
  • Flown out by non-profit, United We Dream to help organize and lead a canvassing movement in Miami, FL
  • Student Leader at a camp revolving around college management for underprivileged Hispanics
  • Managed a shop at my local church for 4+ years
  • Campaigned for U.S Representative Kendra Horn (paid job)
  • Campaigned for a politician running for governor in my state (volunteer)
  • Campaigned for a few other politicians in my local area (volunteer)

Essays were all decent, Major: Computer Engineering (I explain my involvement in politics being correlated to CSE in my essays)

Feel free to shoot me any questions!

what Email did you send the updates to? I am trying to send an update too.

If you ask your counselor, you can find out your specific admissions counselor. Depending on what region you are in specifically (bigger state with lots of different regions or smaller state with not many regions), you can also find who your counselor is here

Thank you!!

I uploaded it under “other” on my portal

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Hi everyone! I’m applied Boston University for Regular Decisions. I applied into Questrom for Advertising. I’ve shown lots of demonstrated interest as well! Can someone chance me…

  • Out of state, IL
  • Test Optional
  • 3.5 WeightedGPA (low due to extenuating circumstances mentioned in my app)
  • Several relevant & valuable leadership positions
  • lots of community service, internships
  • strong letters of rec from teachers that know me very well
  • strong essays (atleast im pretty confident…)

If anyone knows how likely I am to get in please let me know:)