Boston University Transfer Fall 2022

I know it is early, but I’ll take one for the team and start this off!

I am a prospective sophomore transfer for the fall of 2022. Currently, I am taking numerous courses at my local community college and have been maintaining a solid 4.0 in everything. While I haven’t started any extracurricular at my community college (yet), I am taking and have taken part in numerous extracurricular outside of school, which include interning for student lead political organizations, doing dance for 14 years, and volunteering.

Although my college GPA is perfect, my high school GPA was only 3.2. Do you guys think I have a chance??


I’m applying as well! With a 4.0 I think u will for sure get in.

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Hey y’all! I’m also applying for Fall 2022 admission :slight_smile: I had a pretty crappy HS GPA but I’ve been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA in community college as well. Best of luck!!

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Hi. My son just applied with a 4.0 too (he’s currently a college freshman). It’s his top choice for transferring. He’s applying for International Relations amd Space Policy. Good luck!

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Hey! I’m applying with a 3.75 out of NYU!


hey! i am applying for fall transfer 2022 too. 3.8 GPA


Omg interesting! I’ve never heard of anyone wanting to transfer from NYU. What made ya wanna transfer if you don’t mind answering?

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hello yall, Im a current BU student who applied as a transfer Fall 2021!
I really enjoyed the help from transfer students who were in during the year I was applying so I thought I push it forward.

Let me know if yall have any questions, I’ll try my best! (And for the current convo, I had a HS gpa of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale but a 3.9 after finishing 2 years in a public 4-year state school)


Aw thanks for the info! You are so kind. When did you hear back from BU? do you know if different transfer students heard back on different days? Thanks!!

I heard back from BU in mid-April, and most acceptances (emphasis on most, not all) were given during that month or early May. Rejections (again most) started in later April, and some went as far as July before receiving a formal rejection letter. BU admissions would not provide results all at once.

didnt really like the lack of community and clubs. the no sports teams were a drag too! love city campuses, i just want something to do aside from chilling in the city, yk?

I applied in January and have everything submitted… sort of. It still says I have two HS transcripts to send but I didn’t graduate from those high schools? I submitted my final offical HS transcript from the school I graduated from. It’s also telling me to submit my college report, but I’ve had it sent twice. Is anyone else having these problems?

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I’ve heard the first-year round has been super difficult for like every school this year. Do you think this will be reflected in the transfer round?

what do you mean? like for incoming freshman?

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About 1 month guys! This is the top school on my list so I’m very excited!! The only other school I applied to transfer to was Tulane (I got in!) but I’d choose BU over Tulane. I’m obsessed with this school

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yeah for incoming freshmen


Just wondering if BU requires 2nd sem grades. I had a 4.0 first semester at IU Bloomington but will probably finish with a 3.7 for 2nd sem (just for second sem not overall gpa) and don’t want that to hurt my chances. Lmk.

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They do, but I received a decision before those 2nd sem grades were finalized. If anything, those grades also help indicate whether you’re able to transfer the course over.
I don’t think you should worry about it unless there is a major drop in GPA. And that would go for anyone college you’re transferring to.

they do, but that’s still a great gpa and really nothing to worry about. people get in with much lower gpas.

what gpa did you have when you were accepted? super nervous