Boston University Transfers January 2019

I haven’t seen any threads for January transfers, so I figured I’d start one in case anybody else is looking for answers like I am :slight_smile: Go ahead and add stats/ask questions to the forum so we can figure this thing out together. I’ll add mine to start it off:

I’m hoping to transfer to BU for their communications program, specifically advertising.

HS GPA: 92 / 3.6 (ish)
College GPA @ St. Lawrence: 3.889
Credits: 9 (each class worth 1 credit)

Clubs and ECs:
Film Club - office position/designed advertisements for events (College)
Creative Writing Club - office position (College)
Reading Buddies - volunteering outside of school weekly with local kids (College)
Active Minds - mental health awareness on campus (College)
Math Tutor (High School)
New Horizons - volunteer work for sister school in the Dominican Republic
Writer/editor/photographer for school newspaper (High School)
Teaching assistant for public speaking class (College)
Internship at a marketing and branding firm (College)
Cross Country - rookie of the year (High school)

This is so much information; I apologize for writing a novel. Again, feel free to add to the thread and ask questions and pretty much help each other out.

Feedback/advice/chances greatly appreciated!

Hey was just about to make a thread but I saw this one. I’m looking to transfer to the history department.

HS GPA - 3.2 (yikes I know)
College GPA - 3.876
43 credits between AP and college

Radio Club - Finance Director and Radio show host
Class of 2021 treasurer
Economics Tutor
Full time job in summer installing fence and harvesting oysters in winter
HS - 2 year wrestling captain
HS - Football

Deans list all of college
VFW Army ROTC Award for Exceptional leadership

I wasn’t sure if i should’ve put my HS stuff on the app but I did anyways

I think my essays are really top notch, I took a tour of the school and used a lot of what they said they looked for in the essays and put some thought to it.

Hey yall,

Just checking in as another applicant. If we get asked for our syllabi, is that a good sign?

@carletonkid11 It could be! I know that you’re supposed to send it in anyway so they can evaluate credit, but I hope it’s because they’ve let you in!

Hey guys, i’ve also applied for Spring 2019. Have all of y’all received your applicant link info already? I’m a little concerned as to why I haven’t :expressionless:

Im also waiting for the mail. I called them yesterday and they said i have to wait til the end of this week.

How did you guys submit your college transcripts? I used the Common App and my applicant link showed up the other day saying it wasn’t in yet and I freaked out lol. I’ve had my school send them another one anyways, but the admissions team seemed like they didn’t really know what was up so I’m guessing the Common App messed it up. I don’t think it will hurt my chances because everything was technically in on time, just annoyed with it.

This waiting game is driving me crazy lol it looks they haven’t processed my transcripts (both high school and college) — and I check the applicant link today and it’s down ? anyone having a similar issue?

@bostonbb They havent processed my high school transcript as well. They said it takes two weeks to process it, so I should call them next Monday if it’s still not up. And yes my portal is also down.

@bostonbb @dhsdb12 Both of my transcripts haven’t been processed either…hopefully it won’t affect anything!

@neptunevessel they said it won’t affect of the decision!

Does anyone know when we will know the decision? On the portal, it shows mid-november. Which is this week i guess?..

I checked last year’s spring thread and they were notified on the 16th! But it looks like it’ll take a bit longer this time around

@bostonbb like you said, waiting is killing me omg

Have you guys received the email that your documents are still needed? If so, do we have to send the documents again?

I’d call them just to verify. For them to have sent you another email in regards to the missing materials (instead of it just reflecting it on the portal) it probably means they really don’t have it, not that it hasn’t been processed.

@dhsdb12 ^

@bostonbb have your documents still not processed yet?

@dhsdb12 Everything has been processed except my HS transcript as of today. Give them a call!

Anyone get their tax information (returns and W2s) requested?

@bostonbb Ooh i think they just ask you additional documents! Seems like good sign i guess! And all of my docs are all set as well.