Boston University Transfers January 2019

@bostonbb @Ellis101 congratulations for both of you! And please wish me luck guys :frowning:
for me, BU is the priority so i will definitely go if I get accepted.

I got accepted into BU yesterday and will be attending. I am still finding out how I am going to move there, how is everyone moving their stuff? I am an international student and will need to have my boxes stored somewhere

Hey Guys! Recently been accepted!

Accepted, no e-mail, but the decision was online

@shavedcheek congratz mine too! Just found out I got accepted! But no email!

@dhsdb12 ayyyyy, what are you studying?

@shavedcheek Hospitality Administration! How about you?

Ayeeee congrats everyone!!! Did y’all get any financial aid posted?

Just got accepted! CAS Political Science! Congrats to everyone else!

How can I see how many credits they accept? I cannot really understand what it shows on portal.

Got my financial aid posted this morning after sending a million documents. Wasn’t too bad of an award which was surprising considering everything I’ve read about BU being stingy.

Is there anyone still waiting?

Still waiting… anyone been rejected yet?

Still waiting! I logged in just now and they said that the page is updating??

Got my acceptance about a week ago y’all! Best of luck to everyone else out there! :smiley:

@bostonbb just saw your acceptance post!! Maybe I’ll see you at COM since that’s where I’m headed too!

My son received acceptance email last night. Check your spam he found the email there! Good luck all!

Hey everyone Ill be attending in January in Com and was wondering about opinions on the housing options

Is anybody else still waiting on financial aid?

thinking of calling tomorrow to see what is up