Both math 1 and 2

<p>what if i have chem, math1 and 2 as my 3 subjects??do they count as 3 or the math are considered the same??will they disregard my app??</p>

<p>these are 3, don't worry</p>

<p>math 1 and math 2 are different tests, so i'd assume that they are different</p>

<p>eh...take physics also, you've already demonstrated your talent at the quantitative tests. math 1 and math 2 as 2/3 are not looked on unfavorably, but don't help you as much as having a different subject.</p>

<p>Lol, I think that it's a bad idea using Math 1 and 2. Instead, take physics - the curve is awesome. </p>

<p>I do not see how taking both would say something more about your math abilities.</p>

<p>The idea is to give Princeton reasons to have you stand out from others. Two math tests, IMO, is a wasted opportunity.</p>

<p>It technically counts but it look bad.</p>

<p>do you really want your readers to think you're lazy?</p>

<p>You'd look terribly one-dimensional with both Math I & II.</p>

<p>The admission officer that came to my school highly discouraged applicants to submit both Math 1 and 2 to fulfill their 3 SAT II requirement.</p>

<p>at HaoJin
is this true??does this mean that they wont even consider the app?do u know if the same applies to harvard??</p>

<p>What I said is true.
I'm pretty sure they will still look at your application, but if you decide to send in both math scores to meet the requirements.. that might turn them off.</p>

<p>I can't say much for Harvard. I would guess that whatever Princeton isn't pleased with.. Harvard wouldn't be either.</p>

<p>"math 1 and math 2 are different tests, so i'd assume that they are different"</p>

<p>this was one of my earlier posts... clarification -- they technically are two different tests, but it is a good idea, if you do take both math 1 and 2, to take a fourth SAT II (say, Math 1, Math 2, Physics, and Chemistry).. that way, you do at least have tests that cover 3 different subjects</p>

<p>"If you intend to study engineering (B.S.E.), your three SAT Subject Tests should include one test in either physics or chemistry, one test in either Level I or Level II mathematics and a third subject test of your choice." </p>

<p>The above is copied from the Princeton website. Note the word "either". I think you need another subject test.</p>

<p>third subject test of your choice could be the math one that you left out too! Why such a fuss lol</p>

<p>and another quick question,if u take 3 sat 2 tests, and if one is science the other math,is it better for the third to be a language or can it be another science??i personally think that science would be better because it is more important in college than a language or am i wrong??</p>