Bought a netbook- mistake?

<p>So I bought this netbook on closeout for 248 (268 after taxes):
Toshiba</a> mini notebook NB305-N310 Laptops</p>

<p>I think it was a good deal, do you? I am only using it for taking notes in class due to the ease of transportation and awesome battery life. I plan on buying a Thinkpad laptop through the school to be my "main" laptop which will stay in the dorm room.</p>

<p>I have 2 weeks to return it, so let me know if there is any reason not to keep it.</p>

<p>Keep it. It seems like you got an excellent deal, as the netbook is based on the not-so-old N450 platform. As far as I know, the next generation platform is still not yet available.</p>

<p>A 10.1" netbook will be very useful for carrying around. If you think the netbook is truly insufficient, you can always get the Thinkpad later. Otherwise, it'll serve you well. For your dorm room, I actually recommend a smaller desktop though -- they only take up as much space as a trash can.</p>

<p>If it seems to fit you fine, you're comfortable with the size, and the netbook offers you enough power, I see no reason to return it.</p>

<p>seems like a good deal based on your needs. What's the battery life on it? If it gets 6+ hrs then it's good.</p>

<p>I think the perfect companion for a netbook is either a desktop with big monitor or a laptop with dock + monitor. Big monitors are good because you can easily have two windows on your screen using the snap feature in Windows 7.</p>