Boulder Chances

I want to get into the Technology, Arts, and Media program. What are my chances?

Location: Dallas
College Class Year: 2020
High School: Private
High School Type: sends many grads to top schools. Very rigorous, one of the best all girls private schools nationally.
Will apply for financial aid: Yes

GPA - Unweighted: 3.00…but I have an upward trend. I had untreated ADD fresh/part of soph year and had horrible grades. I turned it around late soph year and have gotten like a 3.3-3.6 ever since. I just hope that the school takes into consideration that I have matured as a student and managed my ADD and my old grades don’t really reflect what I am capable of. Also, that my school is very difficult, we don’t weigh GPA’s, and it is difficult and rare to get a high GPA there.
Taking AP AB calc, engineering, and genetics this year and I have gotten A’s and B’s in all sciences so far.
ACT: 35


Significant Extracurriculars: Founded, co-owned jewelry business. Designed, handcrafted, marketed products, set up company website, sold online, hosted trunk shows, sold lines to retail vendors, donated portions to charity.
Guitar, musician and instructor.

Leadership positions: President of Documentary Club
President of my school’s chapter of Embody Love Club
Senior Halloween Hallway Decoration Co-Chair- this was actually a ton of work. Like 10 hours a week for two month

Athletics: Internationally competitive waterskier. Have won Nationals, Pan-Am, Regionals, State, and have been ranked top 10 nationally for the last 10 years. Train pretty much year round.

Volunteer/Service Work: President of embody Love club and on Wesley Rankin Community Center teen board. Lots of tutoring and elderly care hours.

Honors and Awards: Honor roll, National Merit Commended, National Spanish Exam Gold Award

A Top 10 Waterskier shouldn’t have too many problems getting into Boulder. Even your GPA shouldn’t be too much of a problem because your ACT Score compensates for that

Im also trying to get into that program, but my gpa is very poor. I attended a school for gifted kids in New York, and I struggled. I tried to keep up and stay in the school, which I managed to do, but my gpa suffered because of it. My overall is a 71.8 :frowning: But my grades have gone up every year. I don’t know why I’m ranting about this, your defiantly going to get in, your scores and information is above what they require. Sucks that I won’t be able to be in the program also. Rip dream school. Good Luck though :smiley: