Boundaries of listing Honors/Awards

<p>Hey Guys,</p>

<p>I am having a somewhat hard time listing my honors/awards. I have been on the A-Honor roll for all my high school years and I am a AP Scholar with Distinction. I participated in the Texas University Interscholastic Lead but I won 5th place in Social Studies and Science in District. Should I put that? I won a medal for it, so does that count? Also what else would be classified as a honor besides National Merit, Intel Finalist, Siemens Finalist etc.?</p>

<p>Thank You!</p>

<p>Any kind of award counts as an award, but whether or not you want to put it on your app is your choice. I think A-honor roll is kind of trite, but all the other ones you mentioned sounds interesting. I would definitely put those on the application. If they are in fact inconsequential, the adcom can always just ignore them.</p>

Also what else would be classified as a honor besides National Merit, Intel Finalist, Siemens Finalist etc.?


<p>Examples of awards (from MIT website):</p>

<p>Math (e.g. AMC, ARML, Mu Alpha Theta)
Science (e.g. Science Olympiad, USABO)
Robotics (e.g. FIRST Chairman's Award, firefighting robots)
Computer science (e.g. ACSL, USACO)
Engineering (e.g. bridge building, rocketry)
Research & science fairs (e.g. school/regional science fair, ISEF)
Academic summer programs (e.g. Governor's school, SSP, RSI, MITES, WTP)
Academic competition (e.g. Academic Decathlon, Quiz Bowl)
Exam-based awards (e.g. AP Scholar, National Merit)
Grade-based awards (e.g. Honor Roll)
Awards linked to a class or department (e.g. History department award, NCTE, National Latin Exam)
Honor societies (e.g. National Honor Society)
Book awards (e.g. Harvard Book Award, Rensselaer Medal)
Leadership (HOBY, Rotary, student government)
Music (e.g. competitive orchestras, concerto competitions, All County, Interlochen)
Art (e.g. placing in a competition, having a gallery show)
Athletics (e.g. All League, varsity letter, Wendy's High School Heisman)
Volunteering (e.g. Prudential Spirit of Community Award)
Work-related accomplishments (e.g. employee of the month)
Politcal (e.g. Model UN, debate, Boys/Girls State)
Dance (e.g. arangetram)
Scouting (e.g. Gold Award, Order of the Arrow)
Random stuff (e.g. Prom King/Queen, "Most Likely to Succeed," "I have read all of Modern Library's Top 100 Novels")</p>

<p>would I put National Honor Society as an honor if we actually help the community and do things? Because i heard in that case that would be considered an extracurricular</p>

<p>NHS is an EC.</p>

<p>I'm confused as to why you would list award's directly tied to EC's in that section. There's already a part in the EC section to list any awards or positions held in an EC. In any case, there are not that many boxes in the awards section. Wasting one by mentioning I have 12 Varisty letters for sports I'm not being recruited for would err on the side of pointless.</p>

<p>I know you just showed us MIT's list and they must know what they're talking about, but a lot of the things mentioned definitely look like they would go under EC's.</p>

<p>^ That's exactly what I'm thinking. :/ I'm not sure why Honor Societies are considered awards, but I don't think I'm going to put it there...I don't feel like repeating myself. And isn't there a section for summer activities? I did Girls State and I already have it there but I don't want to list it as an award as well. This is so confusing!</p>

<p>I'm stuck here too. I can't think of anything to put down and it's stressing me out.
I mean, I put National Merit, but only because the instructions reminded me of it.</p>

<p>Yeah.. I don't know what to put down as an award :(
So Girls State counts as an award?</p>

<p>I was selected to be in some math competition (i think the AMC) where I took some test. But, I didn't place or anything, can i still put this?</p>

<p>How would I know if i were a national merit? (I'm guessing if I don't know, then I'm not one.. ) But I was told i qualified, and my mail gets lost a lot...</p>

<p>If I won a scholarship competition can this count as an award?</p>

<p>You honestly should not try to pad your awards list with pointless awards. Rather have zero or one than throw in meaningless things.</p>