Bowdoin Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Bowdoin Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: Jan 5

Does anyone know when Bowdoin requires you to declare them as your first choice college for their National Merit Scholarship? Some colleges are March 1, others are May. Bowdoin’s website doesn’t say either way.


Email went out today - RD decisions Friday 3/17 at 7pm ET.


Nervously waiting

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same here! Bowdoin is such a nice school

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Some people don’t have the withdraw button anymore. Probably means they’re in.

idk if thats indicative of anything tho

I would think that just meant decision made.

One guy doesn’t have it. It is normally an indicator of acceptance while WL or rejection do not have withdraw

Where should the withdraw button be?

I’m curious about the logic of that. Why would someone rejected need a withdraw button – there would be nothing to withdraw – whereas someone accepted (or waitlisted) could still withdraw if they accepted somewhere else.

Under the PROFILE tab on your portal. At the top

Well on another group 12 people have the button while one has not, so I guess it is not a good sign to have it.

Actually, I have pondered over this. My thought is that BOWDOIN has to secure a number of acceptances for their CDS or something like this, so if an admitted student withdraws last minute it is going to mess up the data. They probably only let WL or rejected student withdraw their applications.

Does anyone know how many places are up for grabs for Bowdoin RD . I believe Middlebury has approx 200 places left in RD which seems crazy low. Good luck everyone

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600 admitted rd


Thanks, slightly better odds !

it is easy to know, if you don’t have withdraw button you are in, and if you have it you are waitlisted or rejected.

Will tell my daughter to check when she gets back . Thanks!

that’s just your theory tho, it’s not definitive and it has no foundation besides speculation. I went through old threads and no one mentioned anything about the button, i don’t think it is as black or white as you are making it seem with your comments, i don’t mean to be mean but i don’t think it helps anyone stressing over things we don’t know based on speculation