Bowdoin Video Response

Hey - has anyone done Bowdoin’s video response yet?

I’ve done the video response and it actually wasn’t bad at all. This is something that you shouldn’t worry about, Bowdoin actually encourages you to do the video response.

If you click on video response in your portal, they will give you a mini walkthrough to test your audio and camera along with a “test” question to give you a simulation of what it’s like. They give you two tries, so if you don’t like the first question/answer, you can do it again. Be careful, if you decide to do it again, the second video automatically sends. Seriously, don’t be worried about doing the video response! I was stressed out about it, thinking anything could go wrong or I would make a mistake, but this is just another part of your application where the admission officers can see who you are. Don’t be worried about the “ums” or “uhs,” you’ll do great!

What question did you get?

Is this instead of an interview? My kid already had an interview. Should she still do the recorded question?

I think the video response is just another part of your application. I’m also a first-year applicant and I got an interview plus I did the video response. Bowdoin encourages you to do the video response, but if your daughter decides not to do it, I don’t think it will hurt her application. Personally, I would find out when the deadline is to submit the video response for her decision round and do it. I think the video response is interesting and in no way does it hurt her application!

I got a question about what I do to recharge! Super fun and easy. I just sat in my room and talked about hiking.

My daughter’s question was about a time when she had to do something difficult. For next year’s applicants who will look through all these older posts, she didn’t do an interview but was accepted RD.