Bowdoin vs. Pomona. Please help!

<p>So I thought I was all set on ED to Bowdoin until the track coach at Pomona contacted me. I just went there for an overnight visit and loved it more than I thought I would. I think I’m still leaning towards Bowdoin primarily for athletic reasons and because I’m more attracted to the campus, but Pomona’s academics are enticing. </p>

<p>I know that Pomona has higher average SAT/ACT scores, higher percentage in top 10 percent of class, lower acceptance rate, higher USNWR ranking (4 vs. 6 for Bowdoin) and a higher matriculation into top grad schools.</p>

<p>But is the difference significant enough for me to base my decision on it? I want to go to a top 10 medical school–would one be significantly better than the other for pre med?</p>

<p>I though I felt more at home at Bowdoin, but Pomona seemed more intellectual (probably</p>

<p>The academics are great at both (although, for the sciences, Pomona does have the advantage of being in a consortium with Harvey Mudd).</p>

<p>I would say not to make this decision based on average SAT scores, % in top 10% of class, acceptance rate, or USNWR - that's just splitting hairs. You could consider grad school rates, but those can also be due to the different student bodies. Are more people matriculating from Pomona because more are applying? Probably to some degree.</p>

<p>Personally, I would go with the one that I like most, independent of academic factors... because there is not really a significant, quantifiable difference here.</p>

<p>Where do you hope to live when you graduate? If your answer is the Left Coast, then maybe Pomona would be the better choice. If Right Coast, then Bowdoin has the edge. If somewhere in between, go with your gut. Pomona's higher stats can be partly explained by the fact that they share sports teams with other colleges. They don't have to use as many athletic tips as the Eastern schools.</p>

<p>I can't say whether Pomona is good or bad on pre-med but pre-med (biology, biochemistry, etc) has long been a great strength of Bowdoin's . .</p>

<p>They're the same thing. I go to Bowdoin and I'd advise you to go with Pomona - the weather here can be so depressing! I think it's easier to focus with good weather. Also, Pomona has the consortium whereas Bowdoin is a very isolated campus</p>

<p>as a bowdoin grad who went to stanford for grad school, may i offer the counterpoint that good weather does not make it easier to focus for all students!</p>

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