Bowdoin vs Whitman

<p>I've narrowed down my choices to either Bowdoin or Whitman. I'm thinking of being a government major-any suggestions?</p>

I am on the waitlist at Bowdoin, and accepted at Whitman. I would go to Bowdoin, hands down. But I am interested in their English program (Nathaniel Hawthorne and Harriet Beecher Stowe went to Bowdoin, for g*d's sake!!)</p>

<p>The Coastal Studies Center is also a big draw to me. And it is supposed to be only 2 hours away from Boston! I could handle that :)...instead of being 4 hours away from Seattle in Walla Walla....</p>

<p>Congrats on having such a great choice!</p>

<p>Um you would be making a big mistake not going to Bowdoin. The Gov't major is the largest department at Bowdoin, so alot of Bowdoin's resources are put into that department. Also if you haven't been to Bowdoin, let me tell you, you'll meet some of the nicest people there. </p>

<p>It should also be noted, that all the professors all care deeply for their students, and the atmosphere is relaxed. So if you want to truly get an A+ undergraduate experience I highly recommend that you go to Bowdoin.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for your responses. I guess the reason I'm kind of confused is that Whitman gave me a little bit of merit aid, and is slightly cheaper overall. As a result, it will be about $32,000 cheaper over four years. So, do you guys think that Bowdoin is $32,000 better than Whitman? I'll have to borrow a lot more money to attend (roughly 25k, I'm guessing) so will that be worth it? Do you believe that my overall experience at Bowdoin will be significantly better than at Whitman so as to justify the added cost? Thanks again for all your help-I'm pretty confused now, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.</p>

I know what you mean about the aid from Whitman...I got some as well, but am still considering a UC.</p>

<p>Everything that I have heard about Whitman, if it was in the Northeast instead of Walla Walla, it would be as selective a school as Bowdoin, Middlebury, etc. I have no doubt that if I went there, I would receive an excellent education. I am still considering it seriously. It also has a beautiful campus.</p>

<p>But college is more than what goes on in the classroom. I have heard the Whitman also has a fantastic community feel. $32,000 is alot of money, and could be saved for grad school. Most Whitmnan grads go on to top notch grad schools.... </p>

<p>If you are looking for a quality education, and good community, (and can handle Walla-Walla), and don't mind going to a school that is not as prestigious as Bowdoin, I think, in reality, all other things are equal....That said, I am still undecided as well....</p>

<p>ALL THINGS ARE EQUALL!?!?!??!?! UM they are so not. Seriously go to Bowdoin! I don't think that there is one person who regreted their experience at Bowdoin over their 4 yrs. I mean if financial aid is such a big issue, then sure go to Whitman, but I know people who got ZERO financial aid and are still choosing to go to Bowdoin over their other choices.</p>

<p>If you seriously haven't visited Bowdoin yet, I highly recommend you go visit, it will definitely sway your opinion towards Bowdoin. But good luck in making your decision.</p>

<p>Hey Runningforlife....</p>

<p>I assume you are going to Bowdoin? :)</p>

<p>As I said, Bowdoin is great, and I would go there in a second if I got off the waitlist, so I am NOT slamming Bowdoin. It is a fantastic school.</p>

<p>But how much do you know about Whitman? As I clarified, I am still undecided whether or not I will go to Whitman, but it is not because I feel that it is a sub-par school. It does not have that Northeast prestige, but in academic circles, it has an excellent reputation, and the professors are supposed to be fabulous. The facilities are excellent, beautiful dorms,etc.</p>

<p>In the book "Choosing the Right College", it says among other things "Whitman continually ranks highly in several of the college ranking lists, but lists aside, Whitman stands out.....students here are intellectual, and competitive, but not, as one professor explains, like students at top schools in the Northeast are competitive. The students here are more laid back about things, more well rounded, and more coooperative in group projects. To generalize, they are not selfish about learning."</p>

<p>In Princeton Review, it says, "Whitman is a mega sleeper. Educators all over the country know it as an excellent institution, and the college alums support it at one of the highest rates of giving at any college in the nation. Students seeking a top quality liberal arts college owe it to themselves to take a look".</p>

<p>Also, in Princeton Review, academics at Bowdoin are rated at 94%, but at Whitman they are rated at 96%, 2 points over Bowdoin. </p>

<p>So, no, Whitman does not have that northeast prestige factor that Bowdoin has. But is is an excellent institution, and should not be considered a lesser school than Bowdoin. </p>

<p> is actually making me really want to go there now...:) </p>

<p>Good luck in your decision, and having 2 great schools to choose from!!</p>

<p>HAHAH no i was not accusing of slamming Bowdion, I'm just merely trying to sway your decison. </p>

<p>Yes, I have decided to attend Bowdoin next fall. The reason I selected it is because I felt comfortable and happy there. I'm sure that no matter where you choose to go, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.</p>

<p>I would go to Bowdoin.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I can't visit, since I live abroad. I wasn't able to visit any of the schools I applied to, which is why I guess this is so difficult. How friendly are the people there? I've heard some say they're really nice, and some say people are kind of stuck-up. Also, how approachable are the profs? somehow, from what I've read, I get the sense that Whitman profs are easier to approach. Lurkin' girl-you referred to Bowdoin's "prestige factor". You seem to feel all other things are pretty much equal, so do you think Bowdoin's "prestige" is worth 32k? How much will that help in terms of getting into grad school, getting a decent job etc?</p>

<p>Bowdoin professors are so easy to talk to, you can go to their office hours for homework help any time you want. You might eat lunch and dinner with some professors, and when you pass them on the quad they'll say hi to you by name.</p>

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<p>Hi..I am a Mom of student admitted to Bowdoin and couldn't resist sending you this link. I am sure Whitman is a fine school that is even better than the average USA person knows...and deserves to be better known...but I happen to believe Bowdoin is worth the price differential you are discussing. Bowdoin is small but is a powerhouse at graduate school admissions because they have high credibility and they prepare their students very well. We were only able to visit once but we thought there was a freshness to the student body...very bright and going places young adults but people who were remarkably unpretentious and outdoorsy. Intense students who were balanced and could relax. Intimacy with faculty is what makes them shine. Food and dorm quality of life was very fine. Something about the Maine landscape seemed to bring everyone into a kind of healthy state of mind. It was a cozy and intelligently run campus. I truly believe a Bowdoin degree will be more recognized whereever you go later in life. If they accepted you, they want you...and they are very selective about choosing people that can be part of a community...winters are long after all.<br>
best wishes whereever you land...</p>

Faline is right (congrats on your child getting into Bowdoin...I hope to be there, too!!)</p>

<p>At Whitman, 78% go on to grad schools. At Bowdoin, 90% go on to grad schools. I would think that if you do well at either school, you will get into a good grad school.</p>

<p>FYI, Whitman students also have very close contact with their fact, all the strengths that Bowdoin has (except for Maine and great food :) ), are also Whitman's strengths...</p>

<p>Please bear with me,,,,I am trying to make myself not feel so badly about Whitman...I still love Bowdoin!!</p>

<p>lurkin' girl..with your optimistic will shine at Whitman or at Bowdoin. I have always heard Whitman is a superior place with many of the same personal classroom virtues that Bowdoin offers....either school would be lucky to get a student as ready to make the most of college years as you are. So keep Bowdoin well-informed of your ongoing belief they are a match for you..remembering that half of their postcards this coming week will be from kids who made other plans. However, I always advise everyone to fall in love with your final school, befriend your teachers and classmates wholeheartedly...they can be part of your support and inspiration team for life, and you will get back all that you invest if you give your heart and mind over to truly embracing your school. Sounds like that is already your way of seeing things...good luck!</p>

<p>I mean Bowdoin's reputation at grad school is outstanding.</p>

<p>Look that the follow medical school acceptance rates over the course of the last three years:</p>

<p>2001: 90%
2002: 87%
2003: 89%</p>

<p>Those medical schools are: Mayo, Case Western, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Washington U in Stl, etc.</p>

<p>and 100% percent have been accepted to nursing school vet. school, and various other scientific insitutions.</p>


<p>Also look at the law school acceptance rate average:
Out of 35-40 people that apply to law school about 85% +/- are accepted to law schools. </p>

<p>Law schools include Columbia, Harvard, Yale, U Penn, U Michigan, etc.</p>