Boycott of Israel and college scholarship money

I have been doing some research on the current status of various boycotts of the State of Israel, and US federal and state laws enacted in response to them.
If you work for a major corporation in the US with international ties, you probably had to sign some paperwork to certify that you would never do business with any entity that promotes such boycott, and you’d inform your compliance department immediately should you become aware of anything suspicious in that area.
What does it have to do with scholarships and FA? Some of these virulently anti-Israel countries fund the entire education of their young citizens - covering their tuition, room, board, other expenses, generous pocket money. But don’t US colleges run afoul of anti-boycott laws by accepting such money? Or is there connection too remote in such cases?
I understand this is a very narrow-interest question that requires highly specialized knowledge but perhaps there is an international business attorney out there who can either answer that, or direct me to statutes/other resources that could help me in my inquiry?

First, the anti-boycott laws I believe you are referring to are state laws. So, no, not everyone would be familiar with them and not every state has such a law.

I’m pretty sure that the laws pertain to businesses with operations in the U.S., not governments.

A better question would be, to what extent does the inflow of such money affect course offerings and hiring of certain professors?