boys/dating scene at mcgill and queens!

<p>helloo, so i applied to mcgill, queens, u of t and western. I visited mcgill and queens and liked both equally, i just want to know about the boys/dating scenes at both schools I know this sounds stupid and i am not basing my decision to attend either on this at all, i just would like an insiders perspective. any info about the schools would be appreciated. :) thanks!</p>

<p>At this website, you can find gender stats on all the Ontario schools. Go to this link, scroll down to the school list, click the school. Under General Information they provide male/female breakdown. </p>

<p>CUDO</a> - Council of Ontario Universities</p>

<p>Also if you check out [url=<a href=""&gt;]Studentawards&lt;/a> Forum<a href="sort%20of%20a%20CC%20for%20Canadian%20schools">/url</a>, they have lots of categories and discussions about this.</p>

<p>According to Globe Campus McGill's undergraduate gender stats are 42 % male and 58 % female.</p>

<p></a> ~ Campus Navigator - McGill University</p>

<p>However, do not despair! With a few clever tricks you can totally turn this around in your favor - for example just hang around the Computer Science / Electrical Engineering building (Trottier) and this ratio should prove much more favorable! As an added bonus Rutherford Physics is right next door!</p>

<p>All else failing there's always the speed dating club: McGill</a> Speed Dating</p>

<p>Or you could try the old fashioned way and talk to your classmates, hang around the library, go to a party or two, etc.</p>