Boys & Girls State

<p>Does anyone have any experience with boys/ girls state? How many students are selected, do they enjoy it, what are the expectations to be chosen, etc?</p>

<p>I attended Michigan Boys State last summer. I really enjoyed the experience and I'd recommend it to anyone.</p>

<p>There were ~270 of us spread out between 8 cities. I think the number varies between states and whether it's boy/girl though.</p>

<p>I was nominated by social studies teachers. I was the first from my school to ever go, however, so I imagine the selection process varies by school. Even if you have to apply, go for it.</p>

<p>D12 was one of 2 from her school. She attended this past summer. At our school, students are nominated by teacher committee, 10 selected from her class to apply based on grades, ECs, generally well-rounded kids. They are given an app from the American Legion to list classes, ECs, employment, short essay on why she should be selected. 2 chosen to attend a week at big U learning about govt. No cost to us. She was selected.</p>

<p>Girls form 2 political parties and essentially run a mini-govt with governor, cabinet, issues. My D was her party's treasurer (she has great math ability). For the most part, she enjoyed it and was glad she attended. Sometimes the discussions and arguments went on too long and too late. She met a wide variety of girls from all backgrounds and came home with a huge appreciation for her family life: never hungry, own bed, always feels safe.</p>

<p>Not sure if the same applies to all states.</p>

<p>I think if it fits the student's interest it's a great experience. A million years ago Girl's State was fast in my target as I planned (and was) a political science major with a keen interest in political campaigns and the operational aspects of politics.</p>

<p>My son attended Boys State last summer and was fortuante to be slected to represent our state at Boys Naton. He enjoyed every minute of it and I would highly recommend the program. It is a very good EC for your son when applying for college. A previous poster gave a good overview of the week long program for State.</p>

<p>BTW, my son plans on being a jr. counselor for Boys State this summer.</p>

<p>I did California when I was in high school and can say that it's not really worth it unless you're really into civic engagement. Most of the week is spent listening to absurd speeches and voting for positions that don't matter once the week is up. It's supposed to show you how democracy works, but has overtones of "Uncle Sam indoctrination."</p>

<p>I didn't hate it, but it's not the sort of thing I'd do again; I think most feel this way after the week is up ("fun but just this once"). And it does have benefits - shows you what dorm life in college is like, and gives you an opportunity to get awards and such (e.g. there's an oratory contest). The criteria for selection vary wildly among schools - some are rigorous and require interviews, others treat it as a first-come, first-serve deal, so going to Boys'/Girls' state isn't impressive in and of itself. IIRC 1-2 students from each high school are typically chosen.</p>

<p>I was on campus the same time that the Nevada Boys and Girls States (separate weeks for each) were taking place. It appeared to be a well-run program with lots of participants, but at the same time it probably wouldn't be something I'd have done in high school as I prefer coed events and more non-traditional programs. I do know that I never heard about Boys or Girls State when I was in high school in Washington.</p>

<p>My son went to Boys State in Wisconsin a number of years ago. He is not really political but enjoyed the program quite a bit. I sense that the experience can vary from state to state.</p>