Bradley University Financial Aid?

<p>Money is a huge part of my decision right now. I have already recieved the presidential scholarship of $12,000, but that still leaves $20,000+ left. I am working on private, individual scholarships, but they aren't guaranteed. I have a 4.2 GPA, 30 ACT, and am in student council and National Honor Society. I've heard Bradley is very good with financial aid, so how much is average in grants from Bradley. I know about the Bradley Grant, so I was wondering how much other people recieve in grant aid from Bradley. My rough estimates are that my parents make a combined $70000 and already have one child in college. How much can I expect in grant aid from Bradley?</p>

<p>They have a grant aspect. I only got $3k for scholarships, but $11k in grants just from Bradley.</p>