Bradley University

<p>Does anyone know anything about this university? Does it have a pretty good LA program? I am getting mail from them and I am kinda interested</p>

<p>Respective college in the midwest, although more for its engineering school than LAS, but still good there. Medium size (about 5,000 students), nice campus on top of a very tall hill over Peoria (about 300,000 residents in the area) -- hills are a rarity in Illinois. Most of the students are from Illinois or nearby midwest states (Iowa particularly). Merit aid up to half tuition can be had by any fairly high ranking student with good test scores (e.g., top 10%, 29 ACT or above). For fraternities/sororities follows strict non-hazing rules -- students involved in hazing can be easily expelled and frat/sorority will also be shut down (policy adopted several years ago after a student died in a hazing incident).</p>

<p>Yeah, I've been hearing that they give pretty good merit scholarships</p>