I was wondering if anyone would be willing to try and help me brainstorm some additional topics for the following essay. None of my ideas seem too strong; any help would be greatly appreciated!
“Everyone brings with them a story of where they are from. Tell us something about where you’re from and what single facet of your hometown experience has shaped you into the person you are today.” I’m from a small town- It’s hard for me to come up with a hometown experience. I’d love to hear any suggestions anyone has. Thanks!

<p>Any ideas?</p>

<p>I would start by trying to define "the person you are today." Who are you? What are you like? What are your hopes and aspirations? Then think about the things that make you that way. I have trouble with the topic, because I don't think any single facet of your hometown experience has shaped you; you could talk about several or pick the most influential. Small towns have lots of shaping experiences. Did your parents emphasize certain traits like self-discipline, public service, compassion, respect for education, love of animals, or the importance of reading? Did you have a special relationship with a coach or teacher? Did you have an experience doing an activity like tutoring, mission work, or 4-H that changed you? Do you have special memories of certain traditions or activities in your town or the physical beauty of the town? These are ordinary topics, but it is possible to put your personal stamp on them. If you are itching to get out of your small town or if there are negative aspects of living there that have shaped you, you could write about what makes you aspire to do other things or what made you see the limitations of the hometown. Again, I would start the brainstorming with thinking about yourself and what makes you you. Have some fun with it.</p>

<p>Well, I happen to live by a graveyard and I was thinking of incorporating that into part of this essay. I thought that since this is something different, it would make my essay interesting. The only problem is, I don't really know what to say about that; I don't want to center my essay around any sort of cliche. What does anyone think, should I use this in my essay or scrap it and think of something else? Thanks!</p>

<p>Well, the neighbors are quiet. You could do something humorous if you have talent for humorous essays. You could "paint" a picture of the location, talk about walks home or the other kids teasing you, speculate on the residents of the cemetery, etc.; there are possibilities with the graveyard topic. Remember the adcom's want to learn something about you and what makes you tick. I don't know if I'd want to be known as "Graveyard Boy" around the admissions office. Just kidding.
It is possible to do original essays about themes that could also be handled in a cliched way. I hope someone else posts and gives you some feedback.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input, pattykk- i really appreciate it. Can anyone else give me any insight?</p>

<p>Does anybody else have any ideas?</p>