Branch Rickey Scholarship

Is this as straightforward as it appears on the website?

Are you guaranteed $30K with a 3.4 and 1150 SAT?

I was just accepted as a transfer student, and yes I was awarded this scholarship.

My D was just awarded the scholarship so yes it is real.

That is wonderful. We will have to look more closely at this school - DS is a junior.

You should, it is a good school at a reasonable cost with the scholarship. My D and I are going during a scholarship day. She is deterred by the location and has some other options but I think she needs to see the school.

How did it go? What were your daughter’s concerns about the location? And how does she feel about the school now?

I think the school is great. They really do a great job in admissions! My daughter just feels like the school is in the middle of nowhere and that really bothers her. She could still change her mind but I doubt it.

Does the Branch Rickey scholarship stack with need-based aid?