Just a place to talk about Brandeis ED Class of 2023 Season! Best of luck!

Post Stats:

Daughter applied ED: 4.25 WGPA/3.55 GPA, 32 ACT, 6 AP classes, two languages 3 years each, Varsity track 4 years and All Academic Team member, track, 4 years, all area team for track, National Honor Society, Mock trial, Model UN (state moderator), Year book committee, 70+ volunteer tutor hours/year past 2 years, Honorable mention Scholastic Writing award, Honorable mention state writing award.
When do decisions get released?

@chipperd That is so impressive. My stats seem like nothing. I have no chance I suppose.

I think decisions get released on December 15

Not sure what your’s are, but you can check vs last years class on this website: https://www.collegedata.com/cs/data/college/college_pg02_tmpl.jhtml?schoolId=453
Lots of great info. Best of luck!

@chipperd Hey I took the SAT subject tests AFTER november 1st and I did mention on my commonapp that I was going to take them in november and december. Can I also submit those? Or do they not count since they were taken after the ED deadline?

IDK. Maybe contact admissions?

They aren’t that impressive (in the lower 700s) So I figured I shouldn’t hurt my chances especially since the decisions are next week

@chipperd BTW Did the admissions ask you to send first semester/trimester report?

Nope.Although they may have just contacted the school, but assuming school would notify.

My daughter got an email saying ED decisions released tomorrow, 12/13, in the evening, but no specific time listed. Any idea on that time?

They’ll send an email if there is a change in status of the application

My daughter found out about 7pm she is in!

@chipperd - that great! please share her stats.

My bad - you did earlier in the thread

I am planning on applying ED 2… can those accepted share their stats?

@Lillla I was recently accepted for ED1. My stats were as following:
3.45 weighted GPA from a VERY competitive private high school and an upward trend.
34 ACT (35E, 33M, 35R, 32S)
Good EC’s centered around my academic interests (Brandeis definitely takes notice in these sorts of things).
varsity sports + band

I also visited the campus and did an interview.

My D got accepted ED1
She is an IB student with Predicted 38/45. = weighted GPA of 4.6
IB Pys (HL) 7/7, Bio(H) 6/7, Chem(H) 6/7, Maths(S) 6/7
Did not give SAT and used IB Prdicted scores.
Strong ECs around premed.
Varsity Basketball + Swimming
US Citizen, Indian resident
GL to everyone.

Did any of you receive a merit scholarship?