Hello everyone! I noticed that the E.D. Brandeis '24 wasn’t up yet so here is a place for everyone to chat. I wish everyone the best with their applications!

Who else is nervous?

Hi folks–parent of a first year here. Wishing you luck. Our student is loving Brandeis. I hope your dreams come true.

Thanks, silversmith for your response! I am anxiously awaiting my decision. Does anyone know what time it is released?

Does anybody know when exactly they are gonna announce?

Hi helen, have you heard anything yet?

its out

I got in! Best of luck to everyone else.

Congrats, Helen. Unfortunately I got rejected. I really thought that I could get in, so dissappointed. My GPA and test scores were high, maybe because I asked for a high financial aid. Not sure, butnao upset. Congrats to you though!!!

Would people be willing to post their stats? My daughter is applying RD and I would like to see who is getting accepted this year. I know it’s a wholistic review, but it does give some indication of how competitive it will be this year.

Yes! If you guys wouldn’t mind posting ur stats that’d be great. I’m applying RD and considering ED.

Hey guys :slight_smile: I got in ED with 1310 SAT and 3.8 GPA with some extracurriculars and two awards, I think that overall the admissions team takes a holistic view rather than just scores? Regardless I am excited to meet all of you!!!