Brandeis and BC TUfts med school placing

<p>My guidance counselor told me at Brandeis and BC one is automatically given admission to Tufts med school if they are in a certain program.
Is this true?
what is the program?
are there any other options like that?</p>

<p>No, that is not true.</p>

<p>yes that is true. the link to the program is here:</p>

<p>Early</a> Acceptance (BA/MD) Program - School of Medicine - Tufts University</p>

<p>you apply at the end of sophomore year at one of the schools listed there i think. </p>

<p>tulane has one too: Tulane</a> University School of Medicine Administration. </p>

<p>im pretty sure some other schools have programs like this, but im not aware of any other ones. im assuming your in high school. if you are then you can apply to other bs/md programs where you dont have to go to the particular college and then apply for early admission as a sophomore there, you apply right out of high school and could be guaranteed a place in med school before you even start college (most of these programs are really competitive thought)</p>

<p>hope this helps.</p>

<p>What I meant, obviously, is that acceptance is no "automatic" as the OP was asking. The acceptance rate is also very low. Furthermore, it is higher for Tufts undergrads applying than for Brandeis and BC undergrads applying.</p>

<p>these early assurance programs have very low acceptance rates</p>

<p>Usually its 250-300 people apply and only 3-5 actually get in</p>

<p>In addition if you decide to go, it is binding.</p>

<p>Tufts Med School's early acceptance program is as selective as Aznsnake described, but I don't believe that it is binding. You are allowed to change your mind.</p>


<p>I don't know about the Tufts program but I know for the Penn State Early Assurance program if you decide to committ to PSU-Hershey Medical school at the beginning of jr. year that it is binding contract according to the people in charge.You cannot withdraw. Its still ok to turn down the offer if accepted and nothing will happen.</p>

<p>^ i know that all bs/md programs are difficult to get into, but i was just answering the op's question. </p>

<p>directly from the programs website:</p>

<p>"Over the last several years, we have typically received between fifty and sixty applications for this program each year. Of the applicants who meet the minimum eligibility requirements, a majority (>50%) are invited to interview. Of those who are interviewed, a majority (>50%) are admitted to the BA/MD Early Acceptance Program."</p>

<p>doesn't sound as competitive as other programs but i assume that most of the applicants are self-selective.</p>

<p>What are these minimum requirements?</p>

<p>from the website: </p>

<p>"Eligible candidates will have attained a Science GPA (calculated on grades earned in courses offered by the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math) and a Total GPA (calculated on grades earned in all course work) equal to or greater than 3.5. By the end of the academic year in which the candidate applies to this program, (which in some cases may include the summer term immediately following application), eligible candidates will have taken two semesters of biology, two semesters of general chemistry, and at least one semester of organic chemistry. (See FAQ below for more information regarding eligibility issues)."</p>

<p>tufts had a mean gpa of 3.61 and mean science gpa of 3.56 for overall admissions to med school.</p>

<p>So basically, if you're going to get admitted to medical school anyway (above their mean GPAs), you stand a 25% chance of getting a guarantee to Tufts Med.</p>

<p>Can't hurt to apply. I just came back from Tufts and really liked the school and the students.</p>

<p>Actually, I'll hopefully be applying for this next year as a Northeastern student. The "binding" rules are a bit weird, I have to look over them again but if I remember correctly, you have a year after acceptance to commit, if you do commit you are bound to go there and cannot apply to other schools, but you are free to decline and apply elsewhere.</p>

<p>It's a great opportunity. Best part is it doesn't matter what you get on the MCAT!</p>

<p>^good luck!</p>