Brandeis and Clark University

<p>Please chime in with your thoughts on these two schools, especially from a sciences vantage point. I'm interested in perspectives about their quality and stability as institutions, the caliber of undergraduate experience, somewhat disregarding the comparative allure of Boston vs Worcester:-)</p>

<p>Boston is a much nicer city than Worchester....naturally. Other than that, Brandies is much more highly ranked, but this doesn't necessarily impact quality. In fact, Clark is highly regarded among the academic community. Hell, Fiske said that it would be the "hottest" college....if it were in Boston...</p>

<p>Something to consider, Brandeis isn't actually "in" Boston.</p>

<p>I live in Worcester, and Clark is in the middle of Main South...which is a ridiculous ghetto. I know this may sound condescending, but I cringe every time I drive past it, and I sure as hell would never walk there after dark. But, if you aren't big on doing stuff off campus, then Clark is like a diamond in the rough.</p>

<p>Brandeis is academically superior, I believe, but the campus is sort
It's nothing spectacular.</p>

<p>Waltham where Brandeis is actually located is pretty horrible as well. I lived there for a year back in the late 80s.</p>

<p>"Brandeis is academically superior, I believe, but the campus is sort
It's nothing spectacular."</p>

<p>Doesn't the campus have really modern buildings and a castle?
I never really got that. Lol.</p>

<p>With no disrespect to Clark (it is a perfectly respectable school), Brandeis is in a different and higher category altogether. Brandeis is comparable to, e.g., Tufts--a bit below the most elite research universities but not by much. The sciences at Brandeis are quite strong, although not at the MIT level. Its research funding and budget far exceeds that of Clark. </p>

<p>Brandeis' facilities are actually pretty good--although the architecture is modern (a lot of "International" style). The ambiance has improved quite a bit in recent times--a number of older, worn-out buildings have been demolished and replaced with new one. A lot of money has been spent on landscaping. A spectacular new $148 million flagship science center is under constuction, as are new dormitories. Waltham has also improved in recent years and has become somewhat of a hot, affordable place for young people. It is only 9 miles from the center of Boston (inside Rt 128--which is like a beltway) and Brandeis has its own commuter rail stop. And what other university has its own castle?</p>

<p>Listen to Bonanza, Brandeis is the way to go.</p>