Brandeis Fall 2017 Transfer Thread

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Previous Years:

Is this the transfer thread of Brandeis this year? I have been looking for it everywhere, but couldn’t find it.

Hope more ppl would join this thread. I suppose the first wave of decisions is at the corner according to previous years.


I am an international student currently studying at Newbury college who also applied as a transfer to Newbury College.

Can someone chance me please? I will chance anyone back.

Quick Stats:

1440 new sat score: 800 on the math, 640 on the Writing+Reading Section (also took the old SAT and received 1950 - Math - 650, CR - 620, WR - 680).
4.0 First College Semester GPA
4.0 HS GPA (studied in an American International High School in Moscow, Russia)
Born in Moscow, Russia to Nepalese parents and studied in an American International HS, so I believe that I am quite diverse
Can speak English, Russian, Nepalese, Hindi, and Urdu fluently


Was Student Council President in HS during senior year.
Current peer tutor in college for Computer Science and Math
Host and create websites for people
Kind of was like a chiropractor (body-posture assessor) at High School and helped relieve my own postural issues and others’ postural issues (also did school final project on this topic)
Calisthenics and self-taught dietician - won several physical fitness conventions throughout sophomore to junior years in HS
Technician in uncle’s company named “Omniphonics” who fixed several electronics such as iPhones, iPads, microphones, and other small electronics
Soccer player as defender throughout most school years and won several competitions in conventions

Why Brandeis: was pretty decent (talking about its world-wide prominence and how Brandeis had programs that were crucial to my academic success)
Contribution to brandeis: also pretty decent, talked about my diversity and how it could be an asset to Brandeis’ already diverse place
Transfer essay: made the essay like a story about my arrival to USA and then my reasons for transferring out of Newbury such as its lack of international students, its not-so-strong CS department, and its small size - and how Brandeis fixes all of these issues for me. (20% of students are international at Brandeis, CS department is small, yet very strong, and Brandeis has a perfect size, not too big, and not too small)

CS Professor: pretty strong, he literally says that I am the best student he had so far in this college so far
History Professor: had him for my liberal arts class (yes, it sounds weird) and now my world civ class, and he loves me. Wrote me a very nice rec letter too
Literature Professor: alumnus of Brandeis and also wrote a solid rec for me (I think)
Advanced Eng Professor: also wrote how I was one of the best students in his class last semester

Here’s a caveat though:

I am an international student who requires quite a bit of financial aid:

EFC: just a mere $16,000 for now, so I am very anxious about this financial burden thwarting me from getting accepted

What do you guys think? The decisions come out on a rolling basis, so I’ve been anxious the whole month so far. As illustrated from previous transfer threads, the first decision batch comes out on April the 15th, so let’s see what happens.

Also, I applied to Brandeis before I started HS and was rejected, so this is my second time applying ( I think this will demonstrate to the Admissions Committee that I really want to attend Brandeis)

What do you guys think? I will chance anyone back, if anyone wants me to.


I am also an international student applying for CS. I think your profile is pretty strong except for financial aid. As I found Brandeis wouldn’t afford much FA for transfers. However, it would be OK. Hope we could both get in! @zenalc

Thank you for your kind words!

What are your stats by the way, luckybaby?

Yes, I hope that we both get in!

Now in one of the top 5 university of CS in China. My SAT is 1520/1600, with two SAT Subject Test both 800. My ranking is top 5%. As GPA culculation is a little different from that in USA, I would not mention it here. And my ECs are mainly labs, internships, volunteering, clubs, and student organizations.
As for essays, I mentioned I would like to go to a comprehensive school where I could work with not only engineers as most majors in our school are related to CS. And I would like to participate in more research projects related to AI. @zenalc

@luckybaby If you did not get accepted, I would be very, very surprised. Those are actually Ivy League stats.

And now that you mentioned your stats, I do not think I will get accepted. lol

Let’s hope we both get accepted though!

Thank you! Best wishes to both of us!!! @zenalc

Hey guys, right there with you anxiously awaiting transfer decisions. Thanks for the information regarding the general timing for first wave-- fingers crossed all of us are accepted. Brandeis is my first choice, so I’m hoping they’ll offer a sweet financial aid package if I’m accepted. Boston University accepted me earlier this month, which is a huge confidence boost, but they want a decision by May 1st. I’m only freaking out a tiny bit, haha.

Here’s hoping Brandeis’ first wave decisions are sent out soon!

@BelovedInfidel Cool! You still have BU, in case things do not go as planned at Brandeis.

I unfortunately do not, as BU does not really provide much financial aid to intl students. :frowning:

Nonetheless, do your mind sharing your stats?


Hi guys,

so here’s my story. I really wanted to go to Brandeis, but I got in to the University of Michigan, which came as a bit of a surprise, and now I’m not sure that I want to go to Brandeis even if I get in. So do any of you have a take on which one is better, since I’m kinda torn. Part of me wants to go to Michigan because I think it’s academically a more rigorous school, with better job prospects when I graduate. But part of me (if i get in) wants to go to Brandeis because it’s a smaller school that’s more liberal-arts-collegey than michigan, and has a better M-F ratio from my perspective. :wink:

Thoughts? Which would you choose?

@sPib9Kiv9anD0aWd Did the University of Michigan give you reasonable financial aid? When do you have to reply back to that school?

I would personally wait for Brandeis’ decision (if you still have time to reply back to University of Michigan), compare which school would be more financially viable, then choose one. You can’t go wrong with either as they are both good schools.

I think you could take the school size into consideration. UM has very strong academic level, but personally I think the student-to-faculty rate is too high. If you don’t care about this, UM could be a better choice in some way. @sPib9Kiv9anD0aWd

When did the first wave of decisions usually come out? @zenalc

@luckybaby I don’t know. From the past transfer threads, I think we can be expecting the first wave next week maybe…

Can you guys please check your Brandeis application status page? My application was deemed complete on March 17, but right now as I checked, it says that is incomplete because it is missing the transfer mid-year report… Is this just a bug on my side, or does everyone have this bug?

Please let me know, thanks.


this is what mine says:

Your Application

Your Transfer Decision application is complete and the Admissions Committee is busy reviewing your file. Take this time to enjoy the rest of your school year and know that we will review all of your credentials thoroughly. We encourage you to visit campus or take our virtual tour. If you are applying for financial aid, please confirm that your application has been submitted to Student Financial Services. And over the next few months be sure to watch your email for future correspondence from the admissions office.

I hope that helps!

At what part of the portal do you find this information? @zenalc @sPib9Kiv9anD0aWd

@zenalc Your stats are stellar academically; it’s clear you’re intelligent and driven to succeed. Your international status certainly brings a lot of things to the table that US applications simply do not (fluency in five languages, impressive!), but like you said, the financial aid package seems to be the riskiest element of your application to Brandeis. I’ve heard from my good friend (she earned her master’s at Brandeis) that they tend to prefer applicants not only able to handle academic rigor, but who have a special interest in the school itself and not just as, say, an Ivy safety. To this end, I think your persistence (applying again despite being rejected) will demonstrate your sincere interest in succeeding at Brandeis specifically, which is appealing. That said, I’m not an expert, but I would be surprised if you were not at the very least accepted, if not given workable financial aid. Schools, for whatever reason, simply cannot fund all of the applicants they would like to have attend.

My situation is a little unusual. I am nearly a decade out of high school and have been attending community college for two years. I will have earned 51 credits by May, maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout college, and filled my semesters with general education courses as well as all of the psychology, philosophy, and religion courses available at my particular CC. I have three excellent letters of recommendation. My essays are strong and specific, connecting the years between high school and the present with my passion for philosophy and its practical applications with respect to social issues (namely homelessness, uneven distribution of wealth, the treatment of the mentally ill in the US).

I was also able to schedule an interview with a current senior, which went beautifully. My interest in Brandeis is rooted in not only its general stats (excellent research university, small liberal-arts feel, community, small student-faculty ratio, etc) but in the presence of one particular class taught by one particular instructor: Simone Weil taught by Palle Yourgrau, who has written beautifully on the French philosopher-mystic and whose book I brought to my interview to underscore my interest. There is no equivalent course at any school in the Boston area that I am aware of; it makes Brandeis my first choice, which I was not shy to tell my interviewer.

As for financial aid, my EFC is exactly $0, which means I need a good chunk of aid in order to be able to afford Brandeis. Boston University gave me a solid financial aid package of 40k, which makes attendance doable since I’ll be living off campus with my family. Like you, I am also concerned that Brandeis won’t offer enough aid to make attendance feasible even if they accept my application.

I should mention my high school stats are hot garbage: less than a 3.0 GPA, good marks in AP and honors courses, lackluster extracurriculars, terrible attendance. Everything I’ve read and heard firsthand says that colleges weigh academic work completed while in college more heavily than work completed in high school, especially if you have some rigorous college courses under your belt. Generally, the more college work you’ve completed, the less your high school record counts for.

This is a long-winded reply, but I’m anxious to hear back from Brandeis too! Relatedly: soccer is the best, I played midfield and defense for ten years (albeit ten years ago-- where does the time go?). Not sure if you know, but Brandeis offers Bubble Soccer as an intramural sport. It’s exactly as hilarious as it sounds.

@sPib9Kiv9anD0aWd I also looked at transferring to the University of Michigan, but decided against it because of it’s location (too far away for my family obligations). University of Michigan is definitely an excellent school. What are you going for? Depending on the major, Brandeis and UM may offer substantially different experiences. I’ve been on the Brandeis campus several times and can vouch for its small, liberal-arts college feel and its community vibe. It’s also very close to Boston and public transit is excellent, so if being near a bustling metropolis is important, Brandeis may be more appealing. Waltham, the city Brandeis is in, also has amazing restaurants on Moody St.

Practically speaking, I’d wait to hear back from Brandeis for as long as possible in order to give yourself a chance to compare financial aid packages.